Fee Schedule

  1. Locum Vacancies (Agency Service)
  2. Permanent Vet Vacancy advert
  3. Locum Vet Vacancy advert
  4. Vet Nurse & Support Staff Vacancies
  5. Practices for Sale
  6. Items for Sale/Wanted
  7. Account Keeping Fees

Locum Vacancies

This Schedule of fees applies to veterinary locum vacancies in Australia, listed under our "No Placement No Fee" service.

Terms and Conditions

Schedule 1 – Valid to 30th June 2024

Schedule of fees payable to the Agents by the Principal upon a successful introduction of a Veterinarian ie. commencement of employment of a Veterinarian introduced by the Agents.

Period of Employment Fee (incl GST)
Minimum Fee $ 198.00
3 days $ 198.00
Over 3 days up to and including 1 week $ 330.00
1 week to 2 weeks $ 660.00
2 weeks to 3 weeks $ 990.00
3 weeks to 4 weeks $ 1320.00

Additional consecutive weeks over 4 weeks are charged at $330.00 per week or part thereof up to a maximum total payment of $3,960.00 incl. GST.

This Schedule of fees replaces all previous schedules issued by Kookaburra Veterinary Employment

The above charges apply for a single period of continuous employment. Refer to Clause 3 of the Service Agreement regarding any further engagement.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fee of $132.00 incl GST if an advert is cancelled within the first 24 hours ( or the minimum fee, if that's less than the cancellation fee)

Permanent Vacancies (Vets)

These fees apply to permanent full, part time & casual veterinary vacancies in Australia. NB: Vacancies are continuously promoted until the clinic/employer or agent placing the job listing asks us to stop, either by email or phone.

Locum Vacancies (Vets)

These fees apply to adverts for locum veterinary vacancies in Australia.
NB: This advertising service is only available for vacancies 5 months and under in duration.

Veterinary Nurse and Support Staff Vacancies

These fees apply to vacancies for vet nurses, groomers, practice managers, kennel hands, receptionists and other support staff, in Australia.

Veterinary Practices for Sale or Lease

These fees apply to adverts for Veterinary Practices for Sale or Lease in Australia.

Items for Sale/Wanted

Account Keeping Fees

These fees apply to invoices not paid by 4 weeks following the due date on the invoice