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Asia Pacific


Curious about working in Singapore?

Pet Space Group is looking for the next super star vet!

We are offering an opportunity for an experienced vet in Australia to relocate to Singapore and help cultivate and build up our new clinic.

Currently, we are a close-knit team of 4 vets and 11 support staff. We have vets with special interest in surgery, ultrasonography and behaviour in our team. Our veterinary technicians and nurses are highly experienced and are able to operate independently. We see a varied case load which means we always learn something new. We are able to perform thorough work ups in house and also work with various specialists to ensure the best outcome for our patients. The clinic is very well equipped with an in-house laboratory, IM 3 dental machine, digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscope, orthopedic surgical equipment etc.

Our clients are passionate about their pets and want the very best care. We enjoy a diverse range of clientele and are fortunate to work with supportive welfare groups. We believe in working together with pet parents to achieve the best for our patients.

Veterinarians with medical or surgical expertise and lots of enthusiasm are particularly welcome.

What we offer:

If you are curious about working overseas and would consider Singapore, please drop us an email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Full-time Night Shift Veterinarian

Looking for a new challenge in your career?

We are looking for an experienced veterinarian with a mature, confident attitude and a genuine interest in achieving the highest level of veterinary care for our patients. To joint our hospital with 9 other full time veterinarians. Most of our veterinarians have post graduate qualification e.g. MANZCVS and MVM. We even have a surgeon finished his residency training.


Happy Valley Veterinary Clinic and Hospital is a well-established hospital providing comprehensive care to our patients for over 3 decades. We have extensive network of resources and expertise that will allow the right candidates to maximize their potential in a high caliber practice environment. We have all the modern diagnostic facilities eg MRI, CT scan, laparoscopy and endoscopy, digital X-ray, IM3 dental x-ray, all the latest diagnostic and laboratory equipment, and a dedicated, experienced nursing team and 24-hour hospital nursing care.

Hong Kong is an exciting international city that is always bustling with action. While the city center is packed with skyscrapers and modern shopping malls, there are also numerous country parks, beaches, outlying islands and hiking trails waiting to be explored. And with one of the lowest tax rates in the world it is an ideal location for someone keen to embrace a challenging career in veterinary medicine. 

We offer:

  1. Generous CPD opportunities, including paid leave and CPD allowance. Interest to pursue special interest and further qualification is strongly encouraged and supported
  2. Comprehensive package with professional indemnity insurance
  3. Annual paid leave days in addition to general holidays
  4. Advance Medical Equipment (MRI, CT scan, Endoscopy, Digital DR Radiography, Ultrasound, Idexx In laboratory)
  5. 2 dedicated operation theatre
  6. Team of experienced nursing staff and supportive administrative team
  7. Relocation support

Salary package is negotiable and based on experience and qualification.

Please send your cover letter and CV to

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Build Your Veterinary Career in one of Hong Kong’s Premier Veterinary Centres.

Are you looking for the opportunity to develop your veterinary career on a number of levels?

East Island 24hr Animal Hospital is looking for a veterinarian who is passionate about providing quality medicine and personal care for every patient. The ideal candidate is ideally interested in internal medicine, surgery or emergency medicine, and will be supported by a team of highly trained veterinarians and nurses in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

We believe in rewarding talent - average veterinarian salaries in our group are average HKD$720,000 – HKD$1,080,000 (AUD$130,000 – AUD$190,000) per year depending on your position, with a maximum tax rate of 15%, making saving and wealth accumulation very achievable.

We care about your work-life balance. Happiness is vital, rest and days off are a must, overtime is kept to a minimum and after-hours coverage is provided by our 24-hour hospital.

We strongly support professional and personal development in areas that interest you, such as our in-house veterinary ultrasound accreditation training program (abdominal and cardiac echo), orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, endoscopy, or critical care medicine with our emergency team at East Island 24hr Animal Hospital, allowing you to gain confidence and proficiency. Many of our vets have gone on to develop their own special-interest niche areas within our practices.

We would provide you with all the support required to make Hong Kong your home including up to 3 months in a serviced apartment, arranging for all visas and permits and helping you settle in to our lovely city.

If you’d like to see who we are, please visit


What we offer:

If you are looking for a rewarding and challenging position, please forward your details to Dr Faye Cable by email:

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Animals Fiji


Location: Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji (aka paradise)

*NOTE: This role is available right now with borders closed due to COVID-19. Flights are still operating to/from Fiji/NZ/AU if you have a work permit, which we organize for you.


Animals Fiji is a nonprofit charity on a mission to provide a lifeline to as many animals in Fiji as possible. Currently, we operate the Veterinary clinics / services in the Western and Northern Divisions of Fiji (a human population of over 600,000), where owners can seek treatment for their pets as well as wildlife. We operate as a welfare agency operating outreach programs and clinics throughout Fiji.

Please click here to see photos! photos

Our Nadi clinic also functions a shelter taking in strays, injured and abused animals, who are treated and rehomed. Our Savusavu clinic, where the position is based, is the home base for our Northern Division operations. There is no shelter, but the Northern team travels - monthly Labasa clinic and to other various outreach community / village outreach.

One of our most critical goals is to reduce the epidemic of stray and diseased roaming dog and cat populations that plague villages, towns rural areas, through spay/neuter programs. We ensure basic, yet high quality, veterinary services and animal care education are available to as many Fijians as possible.


We are seeking an adventurous, upbeat, and open-minded Veterinarian to practice medicine and perform quality surgeries despite environmental and organizational limitations.

The 2-4 staff Animals Fiji Veterinarians based at our various clinics are responsible for providing professional services with excellent customer service that ensure continuous improvement of health and well-being for the animals of Fiji. You would do this in a friendly manner with compassion and empathy for clients, sponsors, donators despite cultural variances and language challenges.

In additional to working with the owned animals (mostly small, but sometimes large), we need someone who can multi-task and work within a small team with limited diagnostics.

Our dream Veterinarians will contribute to the process of strategic disease prevention, project planning, and at times when needed the daily administration of the clinic. Candidates must have a Veterinary Medicine Degree and be eligible to obtain a register to practice veterinary medicine in Fiji with the Ministry of Animal Health and Production. A team player willing to go above and beyond without request.


If you like what you see above, then read on, you could be our ideal Veterinarian:


Apply now: Submit your CV, References & a detailed cover letter to

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SINGAPORE - SMALL ANIMALS New Graduates welcome

Singapore - Small Animal Practice

The practice is seeking the services of a doctor with practical knowledge and skills. What’s needed is someone able to look after the Patients well, and provide a good service to the Clients. The medical standard offered to Clients is high, and less expensive alternatives are provided as options.

Support includes an experienced Team (so flexibility is important), and modern facilities and a high level of equipment.

From the doctors’ viewpoint, if you are able to operate with at least a little independence, the practice provides a fantastic opportunity to develop skills, being equipped well for imaging in radiology, ultrasound, and endoscopy; surgery in soft tissue and orthopaedics; dermatology; ophthalmology; and TCVM; and supports and encourages high level internal medicine. Additionally, it supports continuing education in whatever relevant field you choose, with flexible leave and financial support packages and equipment purchasing. You can potentially grow faster here than at a large referral practice. You do not need to be an expert to begin.

Remuneration is better than competitive, and Singapore is similar in many ways to London or Sydney – a big, fast, air-conditioned, well fed, english-speaking city.

If you believe you may be a candidate and are interested in our position, please contact us ( / +65 9146 5265) and we’ll help you decide.

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Animal Doctors International could be the place for you!

We offer a liberal, supportive working environment - with customers that appreciate us and pets that need us! We're fully equipped with Digital X-Ray, in house lab, surgical suite & 1-1 Vet/Nurse support so you're never 'alone'!

Please click here to see photos! photos

Only 4 working days per week & ample time to enjoy the warm weather, tropical beaches and lush rainforests of SE Asia - in fact our vets spend more than 40% of their time off duty!

Low living costs & a highly competitive local salary allow for a great quality of life & the ability to save for a rainy day (what's that feel like I hear you ask!).

We operate 3 hospitals and are expanding with our 4th in the coming months - an exciting opportunity to really become involved in the direction of the clinic & to expand your clinical and surgical capacity.

Our International team consists of 9 International Vets (from the UK, Ireland, Poland, Spain and more!) and 11 Vietnamese & Lao Vets: most of our team came for a year, re-found their love for Veterinary medicine and then stayed for more!

We also offer regular CPD opportunities around the region; fancy brushing up on neurology in Bangkok, orthopaedics in Hong Kong, seminars in Singapore?

We'd love to hear from you - we're not your usual vet clinic & we're sure you're not just 'another vet'. Be unique, experience something new & make a difference in a country where Vet care is lacking and patients truly appreciate you.

Send your CV to Dr Tara at  and we'll set up a friendly interview to get to know each other!

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Small animal/exotic practice for sale on Hong Kong Island.

2,700 sq ft architect designed, open, spacious hospital for sale.

Clean, comfortable and effective design. Beautiful, modern and industrial feel.

Selling due to consolidation and retirement of one of the partners.

For more information please email :

(posted 28th September)

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Veterinary help needed in Indonesian Borneo

Help improve animal welfare in Indonesia by sharing your skills and experience!

Facility and Program Description:
Kawasan Wisata Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (KWPLH) is an environmental education center located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. The facility’s goal is to increase environmental awareness and animal welfare. In addition to our animal programmes, the facility has several education buildings, picnic areas and playgrounds. To see a full description of the KWPLH’s facilities and goals visit or email us.

KWPLH provides a wonderful accommodation in the form of a forested enclosure for 7 sun bears rescued from the illegal pet trade. Sun bears are the mascot of Balikpapan, and many of our current education programs focus on this species.

Our Domestic Animal Program was created in response to the frequent dumping of kittens/puppies at KWPLH. We have attempted to establish a safe home for abandoned animals and a sterilization and adoption program. We currently have 145+ cats under our care as well as close to 30 dogs, and several other rescued wildlife species whenever brought to the center (macaque, civets, slow loris, birds).

The goals of our Domestic Animal Program are:

Experienced Volunteer Vet Needed
We are in need of experienced veterinarians to assist with training and development of our local animal care team. The primary goal is to train up our team [specifically our local veterinarian] in specialist medical care for our animals, under more or less challenging conditions, and to train our Indonesian animal care-taking staff in mastering necessary skills and knowledge on specialist issues that need frequent treatments.

Other tasks include ideas on improvement of our medical administration and records, enrichment and training programs, and enhancing our adoption programme. There will be work with the sun bears and other wild species, but most time will go to our domestic animals and staff training.

Outlined below is a list of topics that we need help with:

For more details about KWPLH and the veterinary position please email us!
We welcome the help from professional veterinarians in 2020-2021. The position is preferably for 3+ months, but do e-mail us as well if you are available for shorter periods. Free housing is provided at the center, but a small local catering fee is required for meals. A volunteer visa will need to be applied for. Couples are also welcome to apply. Due to the Corona virus, timing of postings will depend on how this situation develops."

Please send end questions and resumes to Gabriella Fredriksson:

For further information visit our website: or

(reposted 2nd Oct, 2020)

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The world has changed and we have to accept what is.  The animals don't know what the coronavirus is and so we won't tell them.  We will just keep trying to help as many as we can.

If you're in Thailand, or once things open up, please contact us.  We need your help.  Thank You!​

About Us:

Long term Vets wanted.

We have realized that we really need to have long term Vet volunteers.  

We are looking for a vet (and spouse if you have) who would appreciate the opportunity to take a sabbatical period, 6, 9 even 12 months off.  

Someone who is looking to sink deep into Thai culture, food, language, and island life.  And who is give back to a population that up until recently had no choice for the care of their animals.

Koh Mak is an incredible place to live that has so much to offer on many different levels.

So to that end we are building a small studio bungalow just across the yard from the clinic.

This self contained "doctor's studio" will have a private bath, small kitchenette, closet, work area, dinette table and front terrace, and designed to give privacy and space for the occupants.

Here is a short movie that shows what we do and who we are looking for.

And here is the full 11 minute film:

The Clinic:


Koh Mak:

For more information or to apply please contact Kevin:

(posted 5th May, 2020)

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Te Are Manu relies on the generosity of incredible volunteers from all over the world to staff our clinic and provide quality veterinary care to the animals of Rarotonga and Aitutaki (and covering the Cook Islands).

We have a beautiful new clinic based in Arorangi and welcome all our volunteers with open arms and a friendly Cook Islands welcome!

We are looking for volunteers who are keen to help our local animals whilst also having the opportunity to enjoy a stay in paradise.

Your volunteer experience will see you have time to gain experience and exposure to varied caseload. Previous volunteers have said Te Are Manu is a wonderful place for clinical professional development.

Our services include seeing patients for skin conditions, nail clips, road traffic accidents, dog bite and other wounds, fish poisoning and a high volume of spey and neuter surgeries.

You will also get to explore the beautiful place that we call home.

Please click here to see photos! photos

We like volunteers to stay for a minimum period of two weeks but please contact us if you can only stay for a shorter period and we willl see if we can accommodate that.
There is no maximum stay with us. Come for a year if you like!

We arrange all visa requirements for entry into the Cook Islands.

We greet volunteers at the airport and make sure they get settled in to our beautiful volunteer house just a few minutes away from the clinic and on a stunning beach - great for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

The Cook Islands is free from coronavirus but at the moment our borders are closed.

However there is a possibility that in the near future an ‘international bubble’ between Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands will be formed when both Australia and New Zealand have eliminated or contained the virus. This would allow passenger flights to start again. When that happens vets and vet nurses from those two countries will be able to reach Rarotonga. We hope this will happen in a month or two. In the meantime please contact Te Are Manu if you are interested in volunteering even though you won’t be able to specify a date at the moment.



(posted 24th April)

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In an effort to find humane solutions to control the stray and free-roaming dog populations, the RSPCA of Papua New Guinea has launched a new campaign modelled after the RSPCA Queensland Initiative ‘Operation Wanted’. Operation Wanted Papua New Guinea is a large-scale desexing and awareness campaign intended to help reduce the stray and free-roaming dogs.

The pilot campaign will offer free desexing in targeted areas of Port Moresby and began in October 2019. The challenge for RSPCA PNG in embarking on this enormous journey is to ultimately manage the dog and cat populations firstly within Port Moresby and additionally with the challenge of taking the initiative nationwide.

Dates for desexing outreach clinics this year are as follows:
June 2020
August 2020
October 2020

The volunteer roles will consist of:

RSPCA of PNG will be working with communities involved to provide a safe and secure event welcomed by the community.

RSPCA of PNG will be providing accommodation and transport to all volunteers to and from the airport and outreach sites.

To register your interest or obtain further information please email:

The RSPCA of PNG would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our volunteers both in PNG and abroad, as we are unable to continue the work we do without their assistance.

Dr. Jessica Hoopes
Practice Manager/Senior Veterinarian

(posted 21st April)

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Santisook is Thai run, non-profit organization committed to serving a lot of dogs and cats living in Chiang Mai area. We run a dog shelter and a cat shelter, re-homing hundreds of animals annually, provide emergency care to strays, work with local monks in helping their resident temple dogs, provide TNR services for local government and local caretakers who feed the strays, and offer subsidized sterilizations for the dogs and cats of the very poor.

We are in need of Vet volunteers all year round. Veterinarians with a strong spay and neuter background who can commit to a longer stay are highly valued. Veterinarians who are wanting to improve their skills for spay and neuter and newly graduates are very welcome. We conduct TNR programs within Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas when we have enough vets.

Volunteer vets work together with our Thai vet when we have TNR programs. On regular days, they help on the treatment of our resident animals and emergency rescue care.

A minimum of one week is required and vets who can commit to one month stay will be considered for free accommodation depending on the availability. Volunteers are based out of our cat shelter in the town of Doi Saket, outside of Chiang Mai city. No fee to volunteers. Onsite accommodation is available.

Chiang Mai has a rich culture of Thailand and if you are into learning /improving your skills on spay and neuter, or learning the culture, or adventure and wanting to help the animals at the same time, please check our website or email us at

With the recent pandemic, Covid-19, we will abide with the rules of Thailand authorities regarding any visitors. We are still open for any bookings in the near future but please visit the website for any sudden announcement.

(posted 17th April, 2020)

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Come and work with us in the beautiful Fiji Islands!
The friendliest people and some of the neediest animals in the world. 

The SPCA is the only animal shelter in Fiji’s capital Suva and in the whole Southern half of the main island of Viti Levu. We are a small but busy, not for profit animal shelter and clinic. The shelter temporarily houses 150 strays and surrenders for rehoming, while our clinic aims to both support the shelter and provide affordable services to local clients. We currently have one full time veterinarian. We are always in need of vets primarily prepared to help with spays/neuters, but can offer a vast range of experiences and are happy to try and cater for the needs of our volunteers. Our team of capable vet nurses, interns and assistants are praised by all that work with them.  

Please click here to see photos! photos

Join us for a couple of weeks or stay for longer!

SPCA will organise permits for volunteers and provide you with accommodation close to the centre of Suva. You’ll be welcomed with famous Fijian hospitality.  Met at the (Suva) Airport and settled into your accommodation and role at the clinic and shelter.  You can come for a few days or up to 3 months. We will aim to get you out onto the islands or into village communities for some outreach work at least once during your stay.  Staffing is the determining factor for this work but the Clinic & Shelter Coordinator (Shaneel Narayan) can advise, as best he can, prior to your arrival.

Volunteers are not expected to work on the weekends allowing you time to get out to some of the resorts and nearby islands. Many volunteers factor in a period of travel either before or after their stint at SPCA. If you plan to do this you need to advise us before your arrival as the permits needed can change depending on your plans.

Please contact to receive the volunteer information package.

See our website

(posted 1st April, 2020)

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Middle East


Two Feet Four Paws Veterinary Clinics
Veterinary Recruitment

Two Feet Four Paws Veterinary Clinics are a western-owned, well-appointed chain of Small Animal and Exotic Animal Clinics in Dubai, UAE with branches located on Palm Jumeirah and in Dubai Land.

The clinics are recruiting experienced veterinarians with the following profile to join our 7 vet team;

The clinics have excellent facilities including high specification ultrasound, IM3 dental machines, digital radiography, dental radiography, electrosurgery, Idexx Laboratory facilities, and endoscopic/ laparoscopic equipment.

The successful candidates will enjoy no out of hours work, excellent private healthcare, a competitive tax free salary (commensurate with experience) with a production based bonus and a 5 day week.  

Dubai is a growing, liberal city in the Middle East. It is centrally positioned with equal travel times to Asia and Europe and a great hub for globetrotting. It has the shopping, nightlife and restaurants of any international city but also the benefit of beaches, desert camping and the climate for an outdoor lifestyle.

Interested applicants please forward your CV and covering letter, mentioning why you are interested in our position to

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qatar logo

As the world changes with COVID we know there are many Vets looking for safe guaranteed employment with a good work-life balance. We are committed to providing that and can now fly staff into Qatar again.

Tax-free, base salary and performance-based bonus, (approx 8000 - 9000+ USD/ 140000 Rand/ 6800 Pounds) generous time off, flights, excellent accommodation, utilities and new vehicle included. Villa can be viewed at

Another one of our team is about to become a parent so we are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic, genuinely caring small animal Veterinarian to join our New Zealand owned/operated clinic in Doha, Qatar.

We would like our ideal candidate to have:

Postgraduate qualification or strong demonstrated experience in orthopedic surgery, small animal internal medicine or surgery is an asset, 

We will support special interests. You can potentially grow faster with us than at a large referral practice. You do not need to be an expert to begin.

The deal is competitive because we want the best.

We have an experienced, caring team with fully qualified, caring nursing support.

Our clientele are mainly western expatriates requiring a very high standard of care.

Our clinic has beyond standard, pretty awesome toys; Doppler Ultrasound, Catalyst, VetTest, Lasercyte, Capnograph, Ventilator, TTA kit, IV pumps, Laparoscopic Surgery, Endoscopes, Digital X-ray, Idexx Cornerstone integrated lab, digital x-ray and software, Tonometer, Hydrotherapy pool, full ortho kit and much more.

Please click here to see photos! photos

Doha, Qatar is a growing, liberal, extremely safe city in the Middle East. It is centrally positioned with equal travel times to Asia and Europe and a great hub for globetrotting. Our proximity to exotic destinations like Maldives, Seychelles, Goa, and Petra means our team travel extensively in their time off.

For those looking forward to 2022 we will be center stage for the World Cup.

Doha has the shopping, nightlife and restaurants of any international city and is set amongst a thriving expatriate community.

You can do everything from Yoga to marathon running, peruse art galleries or visit libraries. There are great beaches, plenty of watersports, and desert camping which make the city well suited to an outdoor lifestyle and fun to explore.

All our Vets have a sense of adventure, excellent people and pet skills, a sense of humor and MRCVS or equivalent and support each other.

If this is you and you can see yourself as part of our team, please forward cover letter, CV and employer referees to

For more information, please see our website, and

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STETTLER, ALBERTA - FULL OR PART TIME MIXED New Graduates welcomeNew Position

Vets Needed in Alberta Cattle Country!

Work hard, play hard. More vets, less call.

Good team, facility, benefits, and money.

Get in and go. Seeking two excellent associate Veterinarians for mixed animal practice with bovine and companion emphasis. Fully qualified, capable, and motivated- the job market is yours!

Apply today to start work you will be proud of.

Stettler Veterinary Clinic Ltd.
phone: (403) 742-3338
fax: (403) 742-1170

See our website and

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Experience why the world loves Canada! Affordability, adventure, friendly people, universal healthcare, inclusive culture, and beautiful scenery.

Are you passionate about hiking, kayaking, fishing, or exploring the Great Canadian Outdoors? Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the larger cities, and ditch the crowds, traffic, and daily commute?

Escape to Prince Rupert, a quaint coastal community of over 12,000 people on the northwest coast of British Columbia. If you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime in a picturesque Canadian location, but don't want to shovel snow out of your driveway… then you can’t afford to miss this awesome opportunity! 

Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital in Prince Rupert is seeking a full-time Veterinarian to work alongside our 4 well-trained RVTs. New graduates searching for a great way to pay off student debt while gaining experience with a wide variety of cases are welcome, and we would also like to invite experienced Veterinarians interested in assuming Medical Director responsibilities. For the right individual, we would absolutely consider the possibility of buy-in too. Either way, it’s incredibly important to us that you have a voice and take an active role in the evolution of our hospital, because it will be your hospital too.

Please click here to see photos! photos

Prince Rupert is a rural city centre populated by people with a sense of adventure and a love for the Great Canadian Outdoors. We are a northern port city, but it isn’t cold here. Our coastal climate is celebrated by outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy world-class hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking - even in the winter months! Prince Rupert is a hub for the region’s natural and cultural heritage, and a gateway to spectacular wilderness areas, such as the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Sanctuary bear habitat. It is a close-knit community and a sanctuary for nature lovers fighting back against traffic, pollution, and escalating property prices in beautiful British Columbia. Being in a remote location, our Veterinary Professionals enjoy the challenges of interesting cases and we are constantly learning and growing together. We are dedicated to practicing fear free, high-quality medicine, and we look forward to nurturing the establishment of our next team member.


We value Veterinarians, and prove it by supporting your personal, financial, and professional growth through:

Of course, in order to facilitate your successful transition, we would provide:

Canada celebrates affordability, adventure, friendliness, inclusion, diversity, universal healthcare and beautiful scenery. Prince Rupert is the perfect mosaic of these Canadian elements, complete with soaring eagles, killer whales off the shoreline, and grizzly bears all waiting to be photographed. If you are looking to make a real difference in a close-knit northwest Coastal Canadian Community, we’d love to talk.

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a respectful, inclusive, and diverse workplace. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Contact Information: Check out our video at  to learn more, then submit your CV to Dionne at

See our website

See our video

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Come to Canada, and celebrate inclusiveness, affordability, equity, and universal healthcare. Immerse yourself in our friendly culture, and beautiful scenery – the OPPORTUNITY for adventure and the experience of a lifetime is calling… from Canada!

Animals First Clinic – Not only our name, but our PHILOSOPHY! Our experienced, friendly and progressive team is seeking a full-time licensed Veterinarian to join our growing clinic in the city of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Our trio of experienced Veterinarians is supported by 12 awesome RVTs & support staff, and we are looking to nurture the establishment of an additional full-time Veterinarian. We celebrate best practices, and support one another. We work collaboratively, and have regular doctor’s meetings to ensure consistency and open communication. Together, we run a busy clinic, and it is this togetherness and commitment to each other that has led to success and such a loyal client base. In support of your medicine, you will have an in-house lab coupled with Cornerstone, digital x-ray, dental x-ray, laser therapy, and ultrasound.

You will be scheduled for 40 hours over 5 days, and while we do require on-call shifts, the service is shared with another veterinary clinic.

Experienced veterinarians are welcome, and we will most definitely consider a new graduate as our team is highly skilled and passionate about mentoring. The opportunities for professional growth in this modern small animal practice are limited only by your imagination! For example, Dr. Barth is available for, and excited to provide orthopaedic mentorship to those interested (although interest in Orthopaedic Surgery is not required for this role). Without specialists in our immediate area, you truly get to practice the art of veterinary medicine. You will be able to independently provide clients with a comprehensive plan from start to finish.

Grand Prairie is a vibrant and growing northern community of over 63,000. Our city offers all the amenities, with the added bonus of a Great Canadian Outdoor playground on your doorstep. Grand Prairie is the hub of the Alberta and BC Peace Region, and provides quick access for outdoor enthusiasts to world-renowned hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, and river boating.

Snowmobilers enjoy the supreme winter-wonderland trails that become increasingly secluded as one travels west into the Rocky Mountains, and between the months of May and October these trails transform into superb ATV and mountain biking paths. Explore Big Mountain Creek Provincial Park or Crystal Lake nearby, or escape for an adventurous weekend to the mountain town of Grande Cache, or Jasper National Park.

Grand Prairie boasts incredible value. Property and housing are readily available, and particularly affordable in comparison with the other 5 largest cities in Alberta. Grand Prairie is the type of place that allows you to live on an acreage and still be at work in 10 minutes! Residents of Grand Prairie can even claim 50% of the Northern living allowance on their taxes, and a healthy employment market makes the city attractive for family members too. A regional College, Hospital, Art Gallery, and the Eastlink Centre multi-sport facility are just a few amenities frequented by locals, with the Bear Creek Folk Festival and Grand Prairie Stampede drawing many from out-of-province.

Affordability, adventure, and all the amenities, without the traffic, pollution, or commute. Grand Prairie is calling…. to all licensed Veterinarians interested in joining Animals First Clinic.

Moving from the Australia to Canada has the appeal of travel and adventure, without the drawbacks of language barriers or disorienting culture shock. We’re commonwealth cousins… Australians say “G’day,” whereas we say “Eh.”

Canada is a peaceful country and, Grand Prairie is a perfect mix of city amenities and outdoor adventure opportunities. Canada celebrates diversity, culture, equity, the arts, sports, adventure, and inclusion. You will be free to authentically be yourself and feel welcomed into our community with open arms and hearts.

We value veterinarians, and prove it by supporting your personal, financial, and professional growth through:

Of course, in order to facilitate your successful transition, we would provide:

If you are looking for a progressive environment where each individual is heard, and recognized for their unique contributions, we'd love to talk.

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a respectful, inclusive, and diverse workplace. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Contact Information: Please visit our website at to learn more and, when you like what you see, submit your CV to Dionne at

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Is practicing veterinary medicine just a part of your life? 
Tired of the urban rat-race?
Want an outdoor lifestyle? 
Ever considered emigrating to Canada?

The location: 

The practice is located on an acreage on the west shore of Kootenay Lake, nine km north of the village of Kaslo, nestled in the mountain ranges of southeastern British Columbia, Canada.  The geography is dominated by the large, pristine lake and 2000-3000m heavily forested mountains.  The area is relatively sparsely populated, and is becoming a haven for urban refugees. 

The village of Kaslo has a health centre with 4 physicians, a K-12 school, an ice arena, tennis courts and baseball diamond.  A vibrant arts community thrives, with a renowned summer jazz festival on a floating stage.

The real estate:

The practice is located in the bottom floor of a 3 storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom  3600 sq ft home built in 1994.  A covered breezeway containing a hot tub and storage adjoins the house to an 800 sq ft shop with a kennel building underneath. A 1000 sq ft barn with hayloft is situated in the adjacent fenced pasture land.  The buildings are located on a 3-4 hectare parcel of land overlooking a  secluded beach on Kootenay Lake.

Please click here to see photos! photos

The practice: 

Established for 26 years, the practice serves the north end of Kootenay Lake, with the next closest practice 75 km to the south.  The practice is 95% small animal with some potential for expanded equine work in the area.  The clinic has separate bathroom, reception, exam, kennel, treatment, and surgery rooms.  Gas anaesthesia, monitors, new CBC and chemistry analyzers,and an older X-ray unit are in use.  Grooming and boarding facilities are present.  The clientele is loyal and appreciative.  Cases requiring referral can be sent to Washington State University vet teaching hospital across the border.  Two part-time assistants and a family member are currently employed.  Annual gross revenue is in the $600,000 range with a high net due to low overhead costs.

The opportunity: 

The home-based practice provides flexibility in time management, allowing a great work/life balance.  It would enable the prospective new owner to continue working while raising a family and allow the veterinary practice to be a family affair.  The area offers unparalleled and unrestricted access to outdoor recreation, with hiking, mountain biking, ATV’ing, swimming and boating in the summer and skiing, skating and snowmobiling in the winter. The current owner is planning to retire in the area and is willing to assist in the transition. The priority is to ensure that the community has continued access to veterinary services, so sale of the practice with inventory and equipment without the real estate would also be considered. 

Dr Pat Haegedorn
North Kootenay Veterinary Services Ltd

(updated 27th September 2020)    

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Looking for an adventure and wanting to escape COVID, Brexit and travel somewhere sunny and safe, with a high standard of living?

A unique opportunity has arisen for an experienced clinician in the Cayman Islands. We are a rapidly expanding 100% SA clinic of 2 vets, increasing to 3, with an excellent reputation for quality care and offering advanced surgical procedures from an RCVS Cert SAS holder. With the support of 5 RVN’s and 1 ACA, we have a small but technically advanced, purpose-remodelled clinic, as well as offering a popular mobile service. Check us out at our-team

This position would suit an experienced all-rounder, aspiring to the knowledge and standards of an advanced practitioner, with a bias to small animal medicine. We would be looking for a minimum of 5 years in first opinion practice, with experience in providing advanced care and an ability to perform standard elective surgical procedures. As island life requires self sufficiency, we do provide an equally-shared after hours service to support our clients at night and over the weekend, but clients are polite and respectful, calls are infrequent and carry generous remuneration.

We offer the freedom to realise your veterinary potential, whilst truly embracing the relaxed Cayman lifestyle. Our clients are lovely and their pets are very much a part of their family. Cost restrictions over care are rarely a concern and with 30 minute appointments you can work up cases appropriately and satisfactorily. Cayman is a safe and friendly environment, both warm in weather and in welcome.

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An attractive remuneration package is offered, along with a practice car, RCVS fees and a relocation allowance. Cayman is tax-free, with only minimal deductions for private health care and pension contribution. A 40 hour week would be predominately based at the clinic, with some mobile duties. Mobile is not what you would expect, typically involving a weekday excursion, with nurse assistance providing a more relaxed and bespoke level of service, whilst seeing the island and glimpsing Cayman’s often luxurious lifestyles. CPD typically includes VIN membership and an overseas conference annually, with a corresponding on-line substitution at this time.

Support and guidance will be provided throughout the necessary work permit application and local veterinary board registration processes. A minimum 2 year commitment would be anticipated.

If you would like further information regarding the position offered, please get in touch by with a covering letter and CV. Interviews will be by Skype/Zoom/Face Time and likely at the weekend or late in the day, due to time-zone constraints.

Visit us at for more about our clinic and check out for more information on our beautiful Caribbean island home. Candidates with families are welcomed, though they should give due consideration to the additional expenses of private education and dependant healthcare fees.

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South America


We are looking to fill the role of Vet at our wildlife centres in Bolivia, with start dates once the borders are opened in Bolvia after quarantine time is over. 

Financial agreement: free board and housing

Time commitment: minimum of 6 months

The role requires autonomy and organization in carrying out the daily routine, which involves cleaning, preparing food, checking the animals and overseeing the volunteers’ work as well as the day to day running of the clinic. The vet must have a strong level of teamwork, responsibility and initiative. It is essential that the vet understands the work and the importance of keeping the animals in good health. There will also be times that the vet has to aid the head veterinarian in treating human patients. The main goal is that the animals receive the best possible care and attention in the most efficient way possible.

Candidates should have a strong interest in wildlife, a veterinary related degree and at least 2 years of experience in the clinic (competent in routine surgery such as castrations, ovariohysterectomy, amputations etc.) and some experience in large feline care. Candidates should also have at the minimum an intermediate level of written and spoken English and basic Spanish or willingness to learn.

Please apply via email to, including a letter of application, indicating:

(posted 22nd April)

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