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Veterinary Surgeon – January 2024

Bermuda Veterinary Services is an independent, small animal veterinary practice that has been taking care of its pet community for 10 years. We are located on the beautiful Island of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory situated 1.5 hours by air from New York, USA and is a great place to experience expatriate life.

A Locum Veterinary Surgeon is currently needed to provide cover from January 1st 2025 for 6 months, with the possibility of extending, or returning for repeat visits, depending on preference. This position would suit an experienced veterinarian with excellent communication skills and the ability to develop trusting client relationships.

Our clinic has well established facilities and modern equipment, including a high specification Esoate Ultrasound Machine (Esoate Mylab Seven), full digital radiography, endoscopes and Idexx in house lab station which enable us to take our cases even further, faster. Our dental x-ray, im3 machine and advanced dentistry training enable us to provide high level dental services to our clients, including surgical extractions. Our bright, spacious and fully equipped surgical suite has been designed to allow us to perform with ease both routine and non-routine surgeries, including advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries.

Please click here to see photos! photos

We have an experienced nursing team who support our vets during consults, perform catheter placements, blood collection, anaesthetic monitoring, hospital patient care and prep lab samples, slides and run in house bloods, etc.

We pride ourselves in fostering a supportive and collaborative workplace. Remuneration is generous and low tax. If you believe that this is your time to make a change and apply your experience and skills to work in a beautiful Island environment where you are fairly compensated, valued and appreciated for your contributions, please submit your CV and a cover note introducing yourself via email to:

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Asia Pacific

SingVet Logo

SingVet is expanding - Looking for energetic Veterinarians

We are looking for energetic members for our expansion! SingVet is an established 13-year-old clinic at Woodlands Mart. A new branch will be coming up at Beauty World this year. We are looking for persons who can fit in our culture that is progressive, inclusive, and supportive.

We provide consultations, surgeries (including some orthopaedics) and hospitalization services. We close on public holidays. SingVet is equipped with digital radiography with fluoroscopic capabilities, esotate ultrasound machine, in-house IDEXX suite (Hematology, biochemistry, SNAP tests), tonometry, PETMAP blood pressure machines, surgery room with suction, cautery, warm water blankets, bair hugger, soft tissue & orthopaedic kits.

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Candidates should possess excellent communication skills and a calling to practice evidence-based veterinary medicine delivered with compassion. Mentorship program is in place to guide young associates. There is an option of a 4- or 5-day work week totalling of 40 hours a week. Continuing education is supported. Qualified Singaporeans or overseas applicants (with a degree recognized by NParks) may apply.

Renumeration commensurate with experience from $84000 to $146000 per annum.

Email your resume to (Only shortlisted candidates will receive a reply)

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Embark on an adventure with Animal Doctors International!

We all embark on our Veterinary career expecting it to be a rewarding, dream job. The reality can often be different and lead to frustration, disillusionment and even burnout.

At Animal Doctors International we are acutely aware of the dream vs reality. We endeavour to create an untouchable work-life balance to ensure you can do your best work with the animals we care for.

4 day work week. Yes it includes emergency cover but we understand that this needs to be compensated. While overtime is rare, when it does happen – days in lieu are applied.

Facilities. Our “oldest” hospital is just 3 years old! They are all kitted out with digital x-ray, ultrasound, dental x-ray, cloud based software (paper free!), label printers, immunofluorescence, microscopy, fluid & syringe pumps, BP machines, gas anaesthesia, monitoring equipment, electrocautery, isolation wards, capnograph, ventilator, endoscopy, laser machine, separate cat and dog facility – we are ISFM accredited! See:

Support. This is a hospital run by vets. We understand the pressures and demands of the job. We put patient care first. This means that we allocate up to 40 minutes per consult, ensuring clear communication with clients which helps develop trust between vet and client. This enables our vets to work up cases fully and create the best treatment plans. Our reception and junior vets are fully trained to ensure the day runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible. We have a team of 12 international vets and 20 junior vets with interests and certificates in different areas. This means that our vets always have a huge depth of experience and knowledge to draw on. With our cloud based clinical software and internal messaging system, our team can access cases and give advice and guidance no matter where we are based. We believe that the best patient care happens when our vets feel confident with the team around them. Our clinical director is always available and ready to step in when needed.

Outreach. Being based in a developing country, means that animal welfare is not always a priority. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to change that. We work with both local charities and international NGOs. Our vets regularly take part in TNR campaigns and also disappear into the jungle to take care of elephants when needed!

Fun. We have lots of fun. It's the only way to get through the day sometimes! Our team has a terrific sense of humour, especially when it comes to the hilarious miscommunications that naturally happen in a multicultural environment! After work drinks are compulsory and are always great craic!

As for the life part… that takes care of itself! We are spoiled living in South East Asia. All our hospitals are located in vibrant, chaotic cities with a profound history and unique culture. When we need a break from city life, a short flight can take you to mountain trekking in Sapa or a white, sandy beach in Phuket. Our team is young and dynamic and loves to help our new arrivals settle in and experience the culture as a local should!

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our Vet’s have to say:
My journey with Animal Doctors International started with a phone call from Dr Tara during my travels through South East Asia. Shortly after, I met members of the team and participated in their desexing project in Laos, which sparked my interest in working in this unexpected new environment.

After a while of working in Laos, I relocated to work in their new clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Apart from the daily tasks and challenges as a (newly graduated) vet, I also saw myself confronted with the language barrier and cultural differences. Being a sole charge veterinarian for sure tested my abilities in many ways and created a certain performance pressure, however, I never truly felt alone, thanks to a supportive team of international vets within ADI just a phone call or message away.

All of this forced me to work more creatively, and independently and helped me gain a better understanding of people and myself. I strongly believe it was a great opportunity for steep professional as well as personal development and growth that I wouldn’t have gone through in a regular Western working environment. On top of all that, I got to live, experience and explore this beautiful country in my time off! Living and working abroad was one of the best decisions for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone – Dr Cynthia


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Want to truly make a difference, gain diverse experience, all while having the experience of a life time and escaping winter? Come join us for three months (or more!) of sponsored volunteering.

What would I experience?
Picture yourself working in a busy shelter and clinic alongside an amazing team headed up by our wonderful Dr Bernard Emmanuval and his team of six very capable interns. You will also go on outreach clinics, staying in villages and doing surgeries until your fingers can't tie anymore knots. You will help out with our schools and community education programs where you will smile till your face hurts. And, you will assist in our shelter, full of beautiful Fiji Specials, where your heart will swell till it nearly bursts.

Please click here to see photos! photos

What is sponsored volunteering?
We need qualified and experienced vets, who can support our team to continue to grow our important clinic and outreach services. We are fortunate to have a steady flow of short term volunteers, who do amazing work and are indispensable to how we function. What we also need is a few longer term volunteers. We have six (interns) vets 'in waiting' so we are looking for short term (3 month) 'appointments'. We will cover your return airfare, provide you with shared accommodation and a daily meal stipend/allowance. Meaning your volunteering won't cost you anything. Plus we will throw in some island trips and weekends away where we can. We are famous for hosting our volunteers, which is why so many return, so come give us a go. We promise you won't regret it.

What others say
"Very enthusiastic and caring team; not a single person working there didn’t care deeply about their job and the animals in their care. Veterinary interns were incredible with their surgical knowledge and efficiency day in and day out.
Village visits for spey/neuter was a welcome break from consulting. The crew made an exhausting day seem like a fun field trip.
Staff were very kind and made sure I always had transportation and knew all my itineraries to make sure my time there was trouble-free.
(Dr Cecilia Barr – NZ. Nov-Dec 2022)

"A rewarding experience working with an awesome team that made us really welcome. It really felt like we were making a difference."
(Jeni Watts Vet nurse & Dr Johanna Vicary, New Zealand, volunteers June 2024)

"A wonderful team. The continual hard work and dedication that is put into the SPCA Fiji shelter by the team on the ground is very inspiring and makes it very rewarding to be a part of. I enjoyed all the opportunities available – to consult with locals and their pets, perform many types of surgery, and participate in outreach - an excellent experience."
(Dr Emily Mackle)

"Staff were very friendly and very committed to their work. I felt like I was able to contribute positively to welfare of animals in Fiji and had opportunities to help with clinic set up and vet training support, which I find rewarding. Outreach clinics were a great experience. Practice manager and Board members went out of their way to provide positive out of work experiences making the entire trip very memorable."
(Dr Micaela Elphick - Hunter Valley, NSW - RSPCA)

How do I apply?
Send your expression of interest along with your resume to Shaneel Narayan at First in, best dressed. So act now.  

(listed 28th June)

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Calling all animal enthusiasts! At VEC - Vet Emergency Centre, we believe that passion knows no bounds and experience comes in many forms. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your career, we welcome you with open paws! Join us for a meet and greet where you can unleash your passion for animals and showcase your dedication. We're all about combining professionalism with a sprinkle of fun, so bring your enthusiasm and let's make tails wag together! Don't miss this opportunity to be part of our amazing team. Apply now and let your love for animals shine bright at VEC - where every moment is an adventure!

VEC is a 24-hour veterinary hospital that provides both general practitioner and emergency services. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a wide range of diagnostic equipment, including ultrasound, radiography machines, dental machines, dental x-ray, and a CT scanner. As a Night Shift Veterinarian, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of cases and build your expertise in both general practitioner and emergency care.

Please click here to see photos! photos

We are seeking a Night Shift Veterinarian (Full Time / Locum) to join our team:

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Job Requirements:


To apply, please send your full resume to with your expected salary and available date.

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About Us:


The Work:

Potential Deal Breakers:


Here is a short movie that shows what we do and who we are looking for.

And here is the full 11-minute film:

The facility in the videos is our original facility, we are no longer on this piece of land. However, the island images are consistent.

To apply please contact our Clinic Director, Heather. Send your CV and state what opportunity you are interested in:

(relisted 19th June)

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Santisook is Thai run, non-profit organization committed to serving a lot of dogs and cats living in Chiang Mai area. We run a dog shelter and a cat shelter, re-homing hundreds of animals annually, provide emergency care to strays, work with local monks in helping their resident temple dogs, provide TNR services for local government and local caretakers who feed the strays, and offer subsidized sterilizations for the dogs and cats of the very poor.

We are in need of Vet volunteers all year round. Veterinarians with a strong spay and neuter background who can commit to a longer stay are highly valued. Veterinarians who are wanting to improve their skills for spay and neuter and newly graduates are very welcome. We conduct TNR programs within Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas when we have enough vets.

Volunteer vets work together with our Thai vet when we have TNR programs. On regular days, they help on the treatment of our resident animals and emergency rescue care.

A minimum of one week is required and vets who can commit to one month stay will be considered for free accommodation depending on the availability. Volunteers are based out of our cat shelter in the town of Doi Saket, outside of Chiang Mai city. No fee to volunteers. Onsite accommodation is available.

Chiang Mai has a rich culture of Thailand and if you are into learning /improving your skills on spay and neuter, or learning the culture, or adventure and wanting to help the animals at the same time, please check our website or email us at

With the recent pandemic, Covid-19, we will abide with the rules of Thailand authorities regarding any visitors. We are still open for any bookings in the near future but please visit the website for any sudden announcement.

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Veterinary help needed in Indonesian Borneo

Help improve animal welfare in Indonesia by sharing your skills and experience!

Facility and Program Description:
Kawasan Wisata Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (KWPLH) is an environmental education center located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. The facility’s goal is to increase environmental awareness and animal welfare. In addition to our animal programmes, the facility has several education buildings, picnic areas and playgrounds. To see a full description of the KWPLH’s facilities and goals visit or email us.

KWPLH provides a wonderful accommodation in the form of a forested enclosure for 6 sun bears rescued from the illegal pet trade. Sun bears are the mascot of Balikpapan, and many of our current education programs focus on this species.

Our Domestic Animal Program was created in response to the frequent dumping of kittens/puppies at KWPLH. We have attempted to establish a safe home for abandoned animals and a sterilization and adoption program. We currently have 110+ cats under our care as well as close to 30 dogs, and occasionally take care of other rescued wildlife species whenever brought to the center (macaque, civets, slow loris, birds).

The goals of our Domestic Animal Program are:

Experienced Volunteer Vet [Nurse] Needed
We are in need of experienced veterinarians to assist with training and development of our local animal care team. The primary goal is to further train up our team [specifically our local veterinarian] in specialist medical care for our animals, under more or less challenging conditions, and to train our Indonesian animal care-taking staff in mastering necessary skills and knowledge on specialist issues that need frequent treatments.

Other tasks include ideas on improvement of our medical administration and records, enrichment and training programs, and enhancing our adoption programme. There will be work with the sun bears and other wild species, but most time will go to our domestic animals and staff training.

Outlined below is a list of topics that we need help with:

For more details about KWPLH and the veterinary position please email us!

We welcome the help from professional veterinarians in 2024-2025. The position is preferably for 3+ months, but do e-mail us as well if you are available for shorter periods. Free housing is provided at the center, but a small local catering fee is required for meals. A volunteer visa will need to be applied for at a small cost. Couples are also welcome to apply.

Please send end questions and resumes to Gabriella Fredriksson:

For further information visit our website: or

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Social Enterprise practice in Siem Reap, Cambodia: An opportunity for adventure, travel, giving back, experiencing different animal diseases, and a new culture.

Be spontaneous! It would be amazing to have people from anytime now.

Surgical ability is appreciated, but my staff will help you navigate the fascinating exotic diseases.

Please click here to see photos! photos

As well as the never-a-dull-moment clinical work here, Siem Reap is such a fabulous destination and the adventure of a lifetime. Three NZ vet friends (two generations) visited recently and all said It was the best holiday of their lives!

For health reasons I need to be away, so support for my practice is especially appreciated for our team and the community.

Please email Dr Trish Johansen on with references, a CV, availability and why you would like to work with us.

Visit: and 

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Veterinarian – Cayman Islands Humane Society

The Cayman Islands offer a tax-free salary in the Caribbean, only a short flight from the Miami. The Cayman Islands Humane Society is the only non-profit rehoming facility on the islands. We operate adoption, foster, stray care and community veterinary services. We are an open-admission shelter with a no-kill ethos and are based in the heart of George Town in Grand Cayman, with occasional visits to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, versatile, experienced and passionate shelter veterinarian to join our dedicated team and to make a real difference to the lives and wellbeing of the Island's most vulnerable cats and dogs. This role offers a varied and interesting medical caseload and the opportunity to be involved in the ongoing development of the shelter. The role requires a team player with a nonjudgemental approach to the community's animal welfare needs.

Please click here to see photos! photos

Key duties, responsibilities and requirements:


Salary $60,000 - $70,000 KYD Tax free ($73,170 - $85,365 USD)

Enquiries and applications can be sent to

Applicants must be willing to come for a minimum of 12 months.

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Volunteer Vet for Mayreau Animal Welfare, St Vincent & The Grenadines

Although we cannot provide financial compensation, we offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a unique setting and to make are a real difference to the lives of the animals and the people who care for them.    The ideal candidate will provide medical care, preventative health services, and educational support to the local community.

Couples are most welcome, only one of whom need be a veterinary professional.

Please click here to see photos! photos


We are seeking a vet (or a couple) who is passionate about animal welfare, and who has strong communication and inter-personal skills,  to provide veterinary care to animals in need (mostly dogs, cats, goats)  on the small island of Mayreau, St Vincent & The Grenadines.     



You will be supported by a small team of between 2 and 4 other animal loving volunteers, not necessarily vet professionals.

In return, you will receive: -

For more information, please contact Gill by email or Whats App: +44 77591 46327

See our website:

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Is practicing veterinary medicine just a part of your life? 
Tired of the urban rat-race?
Want an outdoor lifestyle? 
Ever considered emigrating to Canada?

The location: 

The practice is located on an acreage on the west shore of Kootenay Lake, nine km north of the village of Kaslo, nestled in the mountain ranges of southeastern British Columbia, Canada.  The geography is dominated by the large, pristine lake and 2000-3000m heavily forested mountains.  The area is relatively sparsely populated, and is becoming a haven for urban refugees. 

The village of Kaslo has a health centre with 4 physicians, a K-12 school, an ice arena, tennis courts and baseball diamond.  A vibrant arts community thrives, with a renowned summer jazz festival on a floating stage.

The real estate:

The practice is located in the bottom floor of a 3 storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom  3600 sq ft home built in 1994.  A covered breezeway containing a hot tub and storage adjoins the house to an 800 sq ft shop with a kennel building underneath. A 1000 sq ft barn with hayloft is situated in the adjacent fenced pasture land.  The buildings are located on a 3-4 hectare parcel of land overlooking a  secluded beach on Kootenay Lake.

Please click here to see photos! photos

The practice: 

Established for 26 years, the practice serves the north end of Kootenay Lake, with the next closest practice 75 km to the south.  The practice is 95% small animal with some potential for expanded equine work in the area.  The clinic has separate bathroom, reception, exam, kennel, treatment, and surgery rooms.  Gas anaesthesia, monitors, new CBC and chemistry analyzers,and an older X-ray unit are in use.  Grooming and boarding facilities are present.  The clientele is loyal and appreciative.  Cases requiring referral can be sent to Washington State University vet teaching hospital across the border.  Two part-time assistants and a family member are currently employed.  Annual gross revenue is in the $600,000 range with a high net due to low overhead costs.

The opportunity: 

The home-based practice provides flexibility in time management, allowing a great work/life balance.  It would enable the prospective new owner to continue working while raising a family and allow the veterinary practice to be a family affair.  The area offers unparalleled and unrestricted access to outdoor recreation, with hiking, mountain biking, ATV’ing, swimming and boating in the summer and skiing, skating and snowmobiling in the winter. The current owner is planning to retire in the area and is willing to assist in the transition. The priority is to ensure that the community has continued access to veterinary services, so sale of the practice with inventory and equipment without the real estate would also be considered. 

Dr Pat Haegedorn
North Kootenay Veterinary Services Ltd

(ref 31964 - relisted 27th May)

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