Guidelines for Veterinary Nurses wishing to place an advert

Many UK nurses travel and work in Australia, and most get a working holiday visa. You can also get a working holiday visa for New Zealand. For more information see and You must be under 30. Various other countries also have reciprocal arrangements with the UK for working holiday visas.

If you require a Visa in order to work in Australia, you may need a skills assessment -

There is a very well established backpacker trail in both Australia and NZ. However, you need to be prepared to travel to get work, and also be prepared to do other work if you're running out of money eg. bar work, fruit picking etc as there's a lot less vet clinics in Australia and NZ than the UK and you're not guaranteed of being in work all the time.

You don't need to be registered as a vet nurse in either Australia or NZ other than in Western Australia (contact the Veterinary Surgeons Board of WA for more information). For information on the industry over here see and

For vet nurses we offer a free advertising service.

You are welcome to apply directly to any of the clinics advertising on the Kookaburra website. The vet nurse advertising service on our website runs like a noticeboard - we post all the ads for 2 months as soon as we receive them and they are listed in date order with the newest jobs at the bottom of the page. If the clinic lets us know that the position is filled, then we remove the advert.

You can also send us your own advert, and we will post it on our website for 2 months and renew on request. You can let us know if you get a job, and we will remove your advert. You can also ask us to change the wording at any time if your availability changes - please supply us with the whole advert again including changes.
This is a free service. We don't keep a register of Vet nurses, and we don't keep CVs on file.

In your advert you should include:


We will not publish adverts needing an excessive amount of corrections to spelling, grammar or punctuation, or adverts containing bullet points or lists. Adverts incorporating a CV or in a style similar to a CV or Resume are inappropriate in this instance and unfortunately we have to limit the space available.

Email your advert to us at

Kookaburra Veterinary Employment reserves the right to edit or omit any advertisement at our discretion. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of any advertisement shown and will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising under any circumstances.