Vet Nurses and other support staff

These advertisers are seeking work in the Veterinary and Animal Care industries. Employers are welcome to contact job seekers directly.

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David Woodacre, Perth, WA (posted 28th April) Qualified Vet Nurse

My name is David and I am 27 years old based in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. I am a fully qualified veterinary nurse with a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and Cert II in Animal Studies. I have worked in clinics over the past four years however I’ve had no success in gaining an interview for a position. I’m certain if you give me a shot I won’t disappoint and will always be happy to work free trials to prove myself. I am willing to travel and available immediately. Full time employment is desired however I will be happy with any offers.

I have a very diverse working history and will gladly use skills from previous employment to help out the clinic wherever possible.

I am fully committed to being a team player and member of a tight knit working family and being part of a positive work environment providing great care to clients.

Furthering my training and studies is my goal as I want to strive for excellence in my field.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a go, I won’t let you down.
0406 910 109

Leah Winfield, Bacchus Marsh, VIC (posted 27th April) Trainee Groomer

I have completed the one week course at Dog Diversity where we learnt basic clips, breed clips, face clips and many other grooming techniques and I loved it very much.

I understand that it is hard taking on a learner for employment and that's why I make it clear when applying that I am even happy to do pre clips and baths until I can develop my skills or even just working in the retail side of the salon.

For more information please contact me at

Annette Hayes, Launceston, Tasmania (posted 27th April) Trainee Vet Nurse

I am currently seeking part-time or full-time employment in a practice that is offering a trainee vet nurse position, so that I can complete my studies . I am currently studying my ACM30110 Certificate III in Animal Studies online through the Animal Science College ( and hope to go on to my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing once completed.

I have always been interested in pursuing a career working with animals and qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse. I believe that I am in a position in my life where I can now follow this career path.  I have previously worked as a stablehand for 3 years where I assisted the attending Vet with the AI of Brood Mares and performing castrations and other treatments. I also tended to the daily requirements of the race horses.

However, let me introduce myself and let you know of my interest in becoming a part of your team. My available resume will furnish you with information concerning my overall employment background, training, education and skills. My work abilities are backed up with experiences and knowledge. I assure you that I can successfully fulfil any obligations requiring of any responsibility upon your practice. 

In each of my previous job experiences, I have performed my assignments with a high degree of skill and professionalism. My current objective is to obtain a position that will fully utilise my skills and offer an opportunity for continued professional growth.
I believe in excellence and have always dedicated myself, my talents and my creative abilities to assure the successful accomplishment of any organisational goals. My positive attitude and willingness to give my all makes me a valuable asset to any business that would employ me. I am confident that my skills will be an asset and have a favourable impact in your clinic.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and hopefully to schedule an interview in which I hope to learn more about your practice, its goals and plans and how I may be able to contribute to its continued success and growth. 

I can be contacted on my mobile 0448 687 696 or via email at I have a resume available upon request.

Jessica Woods, Western Sydney, NSW (posted 26th April) Experienced Vet Nurse/Receptionist

Hi my name is Jessica Woods

I am currently based in Western Sydney, I have been in the animal industry for almost 5 years and am seeking Full Time or Part time employment as a Veterinary Nurse or Receptionist.

I have worked in various clinics for almost 5 years as either an Animal Attendant,Surgical Trainee Nurse or a Senior Vet Nurse. I have experience in co-ordinating nurses roster and stock ordering. I am happy to travel for work as i have done so previously and am also willing to relocate interstate should there be a position available.

Feel free to contact me for further information, my CV or just a chat about a possible position.


Jamie Williams, East Melbourne (posted 22nd April) Trainee Vet Nurse

I am seeking a position as a Veterinary Nurse; I am currently studying my ACM40212 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

I am extremely passionate about working with animals and will work my hardest to have a high level of understanding and knowledge of the workplace and hope that you will give me an opportunity to enhance my skills in this important area.

I have high energy, love for the industry, an excellent “can do” attitude, and a passion for animals. I absolutely love surgery, and hope to one day study a diploma of surgery, I love all sides of nursing, the good, the sad, the messy, and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I am a textbook lover, with a large range of information to learn from, I am confident I will become an excellent nurse and an excellent addition to someone’s lovely clinic.

I have been obtaining very high grades in the course, and would be willing to send you a copy of those if you’d wish.

I can confidently restrain animals; carry out cleaning duties, feed animals, and many other nursing duties. As I am studying, I am still developing skills required of a veterinary nurse, and I believe I am confident enough to gain these skills in a fast paced environment.

I’m currently on work placement for my certificate IV, and here I maintain the cattery, cleaning, feeding and caring for the cats in boarding, clean surgery room and the rest of the clinic, help restrain animals, monitor anesthetic, care for patients out of surgery, and am always up for grabbing everyone a coffee.

Under the guidance of an excellent team of nurses and veterinarians, I believe I can enhance the necessary skills and knowledge of the veterinary practice and gain the skills required of a Veterinary Nurse.

Please feel free to contact me on the telephone number and/or email below to see my resume and CV.

Yours sincerely, 
Jamie Williams
Burwood, Melbourne

Alana Pilkington, Perth Southern Suburbs, WA (posted 21st April) Part Time Experienced Vet Nurse

Hi my name is Alana, I am 29 years old and I live in Spearwood. I have over 6 years of experience in veterinary nursing. I am looking for part time employment two and a half to three full days a week. I am registered as a trainee nurse with the veterinary surgeons board. I am currently undertaking certificate IV in veterinary nursing through polytechnic west and require a minimum of 20 hours a week to continue my studies. 

Most of my experience was gained in Tasmania at the Ulverstone Veterinary Clinic in which I was employed from February 2010 until July 2014. My duties included; in house laboratory (IDEXX), assisting in surgery/anaesthetics, reception RX works, cleaning, customer care, nutritional advice, animal restraint, administering of medication, IV catheters, blood collection, surgery preparation, radiology preparation/processing and general veterinary nursing duties. I have since gained experience in ‘Beefree’ and ‘ezyvet’ software.

My husband and I travelled the country from Tasmania to Perth via the East Coast and the Northern Territory. I was employed as a locum nurse at Parap Vet in Darwin from October 2014 until December 2014 and my duties included; reception RX works and general nursing duties. 

I have a 14 month old daughter that is currently enrolled in day care 3 days a week.  For the last 5 months i have been employed as a veterinary nurse in a full-time position. My family and study commitments were not compatible with full time work hence the reason i am now only seeking part time. 

I believe that I am a great team player, very easy to get along with, highly motivated, I work well under pressure and am always interested in learning new things. I am reliable, loyal and compassionate. 

I hope you will consider me for a position in your clinic and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you for an interview.

Please contact me on my mobile 0448 978 199 or by email

Adeline Megna, Melbourne (posted 20th April) Entry Level Vet Nurse

Hello, my name is Adeline and I am currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through OpenColleges [North Coast TAFE NSW], and I’m looking for a clinic to accept me as a trainee.  

I have a passion to help animals, where my career begun with employment in the following areas:

Now I am looking for a nursing opportunity to begin within the next two months, either:

I perform all my work to my utmost capabilities and I would love to hear from a potential employer. Please send me an email on or call 0414 650 508 and I will happily forward you my resume and cover letter.

Angela, Melbourne East, VIC (posted 19th April) Trainee Vet Nurse

Hello, allow me to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Angela and I have always had a strong passion for animals as can be seen through out my previous voluntary work and previous employment.

I have extensive experience in working with animals. I have volunteered as a cattery attendant within Save-A-Dog Scheme in Glen Iris whereby my duties were including but not limited to;  laundry, cleaning catteries, preparing food, grooming. socialising/playing with the cats and also liasing with other staff members and members of the public. In my spare time I also undertake house/pet sitting assignments and take care of people's pets which I thoroughly enjoy. I have also been employed within the grooming industry for two and a half years and during that time I have gained a strong understanding of dealing with different dog breeds, providing excellent customer service and providing different grooming services. I have always wanted to work with animals but grooming is not where my true passion lies. After considering all of my options I know  that veterinary nursing was the career for me and I know I have the set of skills, traits, enthusiasm and personality to become a fantastic veterinary nurse. I am more than willing to work as a kennel hand/cattery attendant also. 

I am undertaking the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing (Reception Skill Set) in Box Hill which is one day a week and I would love the opportunity to work within a veterinary clinic whilst I am studying so I can demonstrate my newly learnt skills within a practical and hands on environment. I would prefer to working within a clinic which is located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne but I am willing to travel further if the right opportunity came along. If you would like a copy of my CV or you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me.
0433 740 480 

Chloe Whiteley, Goldcoast and surrounds, QLD (posted 18th April) Qualified & Experienced Vet Nurse

Based on the Goldcoast (Oxenford) I am looking for any opportunities in a clinic. I have a license and can travel if needed. 

I am a fully qualified veterinary nurse with over 2 years paid experience at Macarthur Vet Group, Arundel/Ormeau Veterinaty surgery and Vetcall, as well as 4.5 years work experience one day a week at Coast Animal Health and MVG. During that time I have developed my skills in many different areas of nursing.

I have experience using RxWorks, Viva & EzyVet to search for clients & patients, book & reschedule appointments, billing items and also processing payments via EFTPOS or cash. I also do the daily cash box and banking through the week. I was part of the ordering team at Macarthur Veterinary Surgery where I was placing full Vetshare & ProVet orders for our clinic twice a week. During my time at other clinics I have been unpacking and marking off orders, checking expiry dates and also stock rotation.

I am able to confidently restrain animals for treatment and can draw blood and give IV, SC & IM injections. I am able to prepare patients for anaesthesia including calculating and drawing up pre-meds & post op pain relief, placing IV catheters, monitoring animals throughout surgeries and recovery. I am confident in running pre-anaesthetic blood profiles, electrolytes and other areas of pathology including urinalysis.

I look forward to discussing my qualifications and experience further, I can be reached by personal email: or by phone: 0478 045 939

Claire Birch, Queensland (posted 18th April) UK Qualified Locum Vet Nurse

I am a RCVS Registered Veterinary nurse from the UK with 6 years experience in small animal nursing. 

I am looking for short term locum nursing positions throughout Queensland from the end of May while I travel up the East Coast.

I am very confident in my job role and am capable at a wide range of tasks:

I would be interested in any nursing locum work, available for June 2016 in Cairns.

My CV is available upon request:

0401 229 665

Michelle Sandome, Sydney & Surrounds, NSW (posted 18th April) Overseas Qualified Locum Vet Nurse

Hello, my name is Michelle Sandone and I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician from America.  I graduated from veterinary technician school in May 2013 and worked in America as a vet tech.  I have been working in the Sydney area as a veterinary technician since September 2015.  I am looking for a locum veterinary nurse position for June and July on my working holiday visa.  Please contact me at for a CV, cover letter and references.  Thank you for your time.

Rosie Paull, Tasmania (posted 18th April) Qualified & Experienced Vet Nurse/Animal Attendant/Kennel Hand

I am looking to base myself in Tasmania for the next few months and am interested in finding work in the veterinary industry. I am a qualified vet nurse, and have had experience working in both Australia and Canada over the last 5 years. I would be willing to work in any role needed (I enjoy animal attendant/kennel hand work) and am very flexible with my availability as I have no current employment or study commitments at present. Contact me via email:

Piermario Bellottari, Sydney and Surrounds  NSW (posted 15th April) Overseas Qualified Veterinarian Seeking Vet Nurse Position

My name is Piermario Bellottari, and I am a qualified veterinarian from Italy.

I graduated in 2007 from the University of Camerino, and I've passed the National Italian Examination for Veterinary Medicine 5 months later. 

After a 6 month period of internship at a number of clinics/hospitals, I worked in first aid and critical care at a few large and small veterinary establishments in Italy.

I am currently looking for a job as a veterinary nurse/veterinary assistant in Sydney 

You can reach me on 0449 025 376 or by e-mail I am available to work for up to 20 hours per week.

I am able to send my resume upon request. 

Rachel Bryce, Brisbane Region (posted 14th April) Entry Level Vet Nurse

Hello, My name is Rachel. I am looking for a part-time job with a minimum 15 hours paid work in a clinic as a Vet Nurse. I would love to study Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and need a lovely clinic to give me a chance to do so. I live in Brisbane but have my licence and a car to travel.

I have completed Certificate II in Animal Studies through a school-based traineeship with Greencross. The traineeship was two days a week over the course of a year. In the traineeship I worked on reception with RX Works, monitoring during surgery, restrained animals whist being given needles or having other procedures done, run blood tests and of course a lot of cleaning. I have also recently graduated grade 12. I am available 7 days a week and any time of the day.

I’m hard working and not afraid of long hours. I work great in a team and individually, guaranteed with a smile. I have 4 years experience in customer service, so I am able to deal effectively with customers. Now I am looking to gain more nursing experience. I am easy going and a quick learner but my greatest asset is the empathy I have for animals.

I can be contacted on my mobile 0424 969486 or via email at I also have a resume available if you are interested.

Vicki, Perth, WA (posted 13th April) Entry Level Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Vicki Timmers, I am a newly Qualified Veterinary Nurse in 2015 and is now registered with the Veterinary Surgeons board WA as of this year and is currently looking for employment.

I am available Full-Time and have my own car to travel.

I have also 4+ years Retail experience in McDonald's and Coles Supermarkets and is currently also completing my Certificate III in Retail Operations through Alffie in my spare time.

I am hard working, show good initiative , quick learner and up for giving everything a go and kennel cleaning is not an issue for me at all.

I am more than happy to send through my Resume my email is; and my number is 0439 504 406

Yvette, Sydney, NSW (posted 12th April) NZ Qualified Vet Nurse.

Hi all.  My name is Yvette Bodle and I am a NZ qualified Veterinary Nurse with approximately 4 years nursing  experience in General Practice, Specialist practice (Opthalmology) and Emergency practice.  I have experience in all areas of nursing including catheter placement, drug administration and blood taking on top of the general stuff that is carried out in Veterinary Practice.  In addition, I have worked at TAFE NSW as a laboratory assistant aiding in the teaching of the Veterinary Nursing, Animal Care and Captive Animals courses.  I have also worked as a sales representative selling veterinary equipment and products.  Much of my work experience has been in customer service and I have also studied sport coaching, communication, time management and working with special needs and different ethnic groups.  I have a BSc degree with a major in Zoology and the last position I held I was sole Logistics and Customer Service Manager of a new online business selling veterinary products where I set up protocols, logistics and I trained and managed juniors single handedly.  I have also set up veterinary clinics from scratch.  I have a back ground in keeping animals that dates back to my childhood and I have done work experience in large animal practice also.

I would prefer part time work as a Veterinary Nurse or full time Veterinary Reception/Nursing.  I am able to start immediately, I am single with no dependents and I have my own transport.  I have recently returned from overseas so I am staying with friends temporarily and I am willing to relocate for the right position.  I am not limited to Sydney or NSW.

Please contact me at or 0434 679 340 for my CV or for a chat. 

Rachael, Brisbane & Surrounds, QLD (posted 11th April) Trainee Vet Nurse

I am currently volunteering at the RSPCA - Wacol in a Vet Nurse Support capacity which I am truly enjoying, however I need to find an organisation where I can complete the work placement element of  the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing  that I am studying (I am unable to complete this at the RSPCA - Wacol as they are already at maximum quota for work placements).

I would love to hear about any opportunities you have for a work placement within a veterinary clinic. As I am currently in full-time work, I am looking for shifts based after-hours Monday to Friday, or on the weekend.

I have extensive experience in the recruitment industry and pride myself on delivering a high level of customer service to my clients, candidates and stakeholders, alike. I am passionate about animal welfare, a quick learner and I feel that I have skills which are transferable to a veterinary clinic environment.

I am based in Brisbane but willing to travel. Please contact me on 0478 649 114 or

Joanne Barns, Melbourne (posted 11th April) Qualified VN

Qualified and experienced vet nurse in all aspects of nursing is seeking weekend work in Melbourne's  west to south west suburbs. 
May also be available one day during the week.
Experienced in Emergency and Critical care,  all surgical procedures, reception and customer service and house keeping duties.
CV and references available.

Tori Walsh, Melbourne (posted 5th April) Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Tori Walsh,
I am currently studying Cert IV in veterinary nursing at Box Hill Institute and am in my first year.
I am looking for a job within a veterinary clinic either for long term employment or for placement which consists of a minimum of 15 hours per week of either paid of volunteer work. 

I am working in the animal industry already as a retail assistant at Petbarn and I have been there for about a year and a half now. I have experience in handling cats that we have up for adoption and cleaning, feeding and ensuring that they are staying healthy. I also have experience with different types of dog products, cat products, guinea pig and rabbit products, bird products and fish products. Our store also allows leashed pets in so I also have experience with a wide variety of dogs that come into our store, whether that be getting them fit for a harness/collar, jacket, or even just to give them pats and attention. 

I may not have worked within a vet clinic before but I am a fast learner, have good communication skills and I always work to the best to my ability. I have my own car so I am able to drive to work. 

I am contable on 0427 399421 or
I live in Blackburn, Victoria

Rachel Van Kesteren, Western Melbourne (posted 4th April) Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I have had over 10 years experience working in mainly SPF and conventional animal houses. I would like to move away from the research sector and focus on developing my veterinary nursing / animal husbandry skills in other fields.

I have my Diploma in Applied Science – Animal Technology, compromising Certificate II in Animal Attending, Certificate III in Veterinary Nursing and Certificate IV in Animal Care. I hold a current drivers licence, police check, working with childrens card and senior first aid certificate.

I have the qualifications and foundation skills necessary to enter at a trainee or junior level.

 My experience as a veterinary nurse/ animal attendant has included;

I see workplace safety, animal welfare, infection control and good customer service as high priority areas. If I had to describe my best qualities they would be reliability, hardworking, attention to detail, organised and positive.

I believe I have good communication skills and the ability to deal with people from a varied background. Working in a team and being able to share information, solve problems and make decisions has been very important in many of my job roles.

I am situated in Melbourne’s West. Any hours will suit me. I will grab whatever I can get.

Please email me on:

Kim, Brisbane & Surrounds, QLD (posted 1st April) Trainee Vet Nurse

My name is Kim. I am currently seeking part-time employment in a vet clinic that is offering a trainee vet nurse position, so that I can complete my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. 

I lived in Canada for the past two and a half years (2013-2015) where I worked at a Cat Clinic as a full-time veterinary assistant and receptionist. I enjoyed every moment of my time at the clinic, where I discovered how passionate I am working with animals. 

I gained various skills and knowledge, including but not limited to:

I have already completed my Certificate I in Animal Studies  and I have worked with Cornerstone software and IDEXX blood machines on a full-time basis.

I have my own transportation and I am willing to travel around Brisbane (even the Sunshine Coast) for the right job.
I can be contacted by email or by mobile on 0421 159 751.
Cover letter, reference letters  and resume can be sent upon request.

Daniele Bovo, Sydney & Surrounds, NSW (posted 31st March) Overseas Qualified Veterinarian Seeking Vet Nurse Position

Hello, I am Daniele Bovo, a recently graduated veterinarian from Italy. 

I graduated with merit in 2016 at the Veterinary Medicine faculty of University of Padua and succeeded in the Italian National Exam for Veterinary Medicine.

During my studies I had many experiences as a vet assistant both at the University Hospital as well as in two veterinary clinics where I worked from 2014 to 2016. For my graduate thesis I worked on a research project regarding anesthesia monitoring in the rabbit. I also cooperated with various clinical activities lead by my supervisor Giulia Maria De Benedictis (DVM, PhD, assistant professor in Veterinary Anesthesia, University of Padua), also regarding farm animal species such as sheeps and swine.

I am looking for a job as veterinary nurse/veterinary assistant to experience Australian veterinary reality while on my Working Holiday Visa year.

I am ready to move in all Australia (preferably in Sydney area) in case of a satisfying job offer and am available straight away.

You can reach me at my phone number +61 0481852571 or e-mail; I'd be more than happy to send you my complete resume and a list of my referees. A video-phone call can be arranged if needed.

Olivia Peters, Brisbane (posted 30th March) UK registered Locum Veterinary Nurse

Hello, My name is Olivia Peters. I am a UK Registered Veterinary Nurse - qualifying in July 2014. I have spent the last 8 months volunteering as a Veterinary Nurse on a Trap,Neuter and Release project in Borneo. I am looking for work in Brisbane from mid April until early May. I enjoy all aspects of working and have experience in many areas such as theatre, radiology, lab work and reception. I am confident at taking bloods and placing IV catheters, I have also worked as the sole nurse in charge of caring for inpatients overnight and at weekends.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for my resume and references via email or mobile 
0452 550390

Aoife Dempsey, Perth (posted 30th March) Irish Qualified Locum Veterinary Nurse

I am a qualified, experienced veterinary nurse from Ireland.  I graduated in 2013 with a BSc in Veterinary Nursing.  This is a three year degree that covers equine, large and small animal nursing. 

I am currently in Sydney and am available for locum work until April 23rd. 

Following this I will be in Perth from June 15 to July 25 approx. and will be hoping to locum there also. 

I am happy to work weekdays, weekends and nights. 

CV and references available on request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone No: 0478 811 579                  Email:

Tamara, Ipswich, Qld & surrounds (posted 30th March) Entry Level Vet Nurse

My name is Tamara I am currently searching to find a Veterinary Clinic with which will want to take me on for Veterinary Nursing placement which consists of a Minimum of 15 Hours per week of paid work. I have just been approved and am now enrolled in the Cert 4 In Veterinary Nursing though Brisbane Tafe online.

I have worked for a month in a Vet Clinic but am a fast learner so have acquired skills quite quickly.

I can send a detailed cover letter and resume with my experience as required.

I am contactable on 0423 452107 or

I am available 24/7 and am happy to travel for the right position.

Narelle Adams, QLD Lockyer Valley/Toowoomba (posted 29th March) Experienced Vet Nurse

My name is Narelle Adams and I have 6 years full time experience Veterinary Nursing at Bli Bli Veterinary Surgery on the Sunshine Coast. 
I have studied my Cert 4 with the Animal Industries Resource Centre over the last 4 years and took a break last year with 1 subject yet to be completed.
We have recently located to Gatton as my husband has taken a work transfer. 
I am excited to be in a new area of Qld and looking for work within a Veterinary Clinic in the surrounding area. 

I am available from Mondays - Saturdays and I am flexible with my hours. 
I am a trustworthy reliable employee and I take pride in my work. I can provide a resume and a reference from my previous employer upon request. 
Please feel free to contact me on or 0448 115300

Emily, Melbourne, VIC (posted 29th March) NZ Qualified & Experienced Vet Nurse

I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse with 2 years of work experience  I have trained in NZ with the equivalent of  Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I am seeking part time employment as an entry level Veterinary Nurse in the Melbourne region (anywhere with Public transport access is fine). During my time in work, I have gained skills in:

I am looking for Locum work, part time permanent or Full time. I will defiantly consider locum contracts in other states.

I am a genuinely passionate and excited about animal care. 

Look forward to meeting you soon.
Phone: 0490 092 253

Katherine Sidhom, Perth, WA (posted 24th March) Qualified & Experienced Veterinary Nurse

I am a qualified & experienced veterinary nurse registered with the Veterinary Surgeons' Board of WA and I am currently looking for full time, preferably, or part time work. I am very flexible with my hours and I am available weekdays, weekends and nights (if required).

I am a very enthusiastic, motivated and hard working individual and I am very passionate about animals and my work. 

I have experience in all aspects of medical and surgical veterinary nursing and I also have emergency and critical care nursing experience. Also extensive customer service and reception/administration experience.

Please contact me on 0431 871 734 or by email - - for a copy of my resume.

Renee Corsaro, South Coast, NSW (posted 24th March) Qualified & Experienced Nurse

I am currently looking to get back into nursing, I have had a year off to have a baby, and now ready to get back into my love of nursing.

I have my certificate Iv in veterinary nursing and have over 12 years of veterinary nursing behind me.

My last position was held at the small animal specialist centre, where I worked in the surgical department as well as the ICU/emergency departments.

I am looking for a part time or causal position on the south coast of NSW. I currently live in Nowra NSW but would travel for the right position.

Please email me at

Leanne Jones, Brisbane/Logan (posted 23rd March) Part time qualified VN

To whom it may concern, My name is Leanne, I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse. My circumstances have changed and am looking for part time work in the southern suburbs of Brisbane/Logan area. I have worked at the RSPCA when it was at Fairfield in Queensland, I have also worked in Sydney and the south coast of NSW. I am reliable, loyal and honest. I have a reliable car, and an open, manual license.

Please contact me via email at - I look forward to hearing back from you. 

Maya De Moura, Sydney's Northern Beaches, NSW (posted 23rd March) Overseas Qualified Vet Nurse, Part or Full Time

I am an overseas post-graduated vet seeking for a part or full time nurse position. I have over 1 year working as a GP nurse here in Australia and over 3 of experience in my hometown with general clinic, surgery and emergency. I'm highly skilled with blood collection, catheter placement, anaesthesia monitoring, nurse/reception tasks and patient care. I have the ability to work efficiently and multi - task, I'm proactive and willing to learn.

Contact on : 

Aleisha, Macedon Ranges/Bendigo, VIC (posted 23rd March) Trainee Vet Nurse

Hello my name is Aleisha and I am currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I am seeking one day per week work placement in the Macedon Ranges/Greater City of Bendigo area or within a one hour drive. I have a Veterinary Assistant Certificate and am in the process of completing an animal nutritional course. I have previous experience as an animal attendant/administration at a shelter and I enjoy all aspects of working with animals. I have excellent communication skills and enjoy interacting with people and animals. I am friendly, hard-working, enthusiastic, honest and a dedicated young person who is able to work in a team environment as well as on my own and I will always strive to provide the highest quality of care for the animals I am responsible for. I am very willing to learn and listen and provide assistance. I will always give the best of my abilities when working and am very respectful of others. Feel free to contact me on 0408 755 234 or

Daniel Anderson, Perth Metro & Surrounds, WA (posted 21st March) Trainee Vet Nurse

Hi my name is Daniel Anderson I'm looking for the opportunity of an veterinary nurse trainee. I'm currently studying Cert III in companion animal services with open colleges, upon successfully completion I'll start Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

I've have experience at varies animal care establishments from animal attendant to veterinary nursing duties. I'm hard working, friendly, helpful, efficient, reliable, have a can do attitude and I'm very willing to learn new skills. I also have over 10 years personal experience with the care of my own animals and I'm always willing to help and give advise to family and friends on the care of their animals.

I'm currently living in Jurien Bay in WA and ideally I'm looking for a clinic in the Perth metro area, but I'm very much willing to go anywhere for the right position and ultimately my goal is to find a position in Melbourne.

I know asking for a veterinary nurse trainee position is a big ask and risk for a veterinary clinic to take on. But Veterinary nursing is the career I've wanted to do since I was kid, although it's taken me a few years for me to make a start in getting there, but I'm very much determined to do anything to make my dreams and goals a reality.

All I need is someone out there to give me that chance and opportunity and I'll do the rest. If you have any questions or for a copy of my CV and references please email me at or phone me on 0431 394 992

Laura McCutcheon, Sydney, NSW & Melbourne, VIC (posted 18th March) UK Qualified Vet Nurse

My name is Laura McCutcheon. I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse from England, with a level 3 Diploma in veterinary nursing.
I have been qualified for 3 years with experience in small animal practices, sole charge out of hours emergency and critical care work and Diagnostics nursing in a referral hospital.

I am traveling in Australia and looking to be challenged in a number of practices as a locum or part time nurse. I am very flexible and could work a 6-7 day week or out of hour shifts.

Melbourne and Sydney will be my home for the next 4 months and I am keen to get a placement as soon as possible.

Please contact me on 0472 653 427 or email

Esther Yann, Sydney & Surrounds, NSW (posted 17th March) Trainee Vet Nurse/Receptionist

My name is Esther Yann and I am a junior vet nurse searching for a veterinary nursing position.

I have had experience working in two Sydney clinics as a junior nurse, receptionist, grooming assistant and all-round clinic assistant. 

I am currently completing my final year of my Veterinary Nursing Certificate 5 and will be fully qualified in November of 2016.

I am extremely hard working, loyal and am willing to go the extra mile to achieve a high level of nursing in your clinic!

Phone number: 0437200048
Email: or
Owns a car and is willing to drive out of Sydney.

Traciee, Sydney's Inner West (posted 17th March) Entry Level Qualified Nurse

I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse with 2 years of volunteer work experience in coordination with the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I am seeking part time employment as an entry level Veterinary Nurse in Sydney’s Inner West. During my time in work placement I have gained skills in:

I also have 3 years Animal Attending experience and currently hold a position as a Senior Animal Attendant in which I maintain and monitor the practice boarding cattery as well as assist with the care of hospital patients. I have an immense passion for the care and wellbeing of animals and want nothing more than to refine my skills as a Veterinary  Nurse. I am extremely hard working, reliable, honest, punctual, and am willing to learn at any given opportunity.

Please contact me at 0413 702 170 and my email is

Sarah Adamson, Yarra Ranges, VIC (posted 16th March) Trainee Vet Nurse

Attention Veterinary clinics!

If your looking for someone with passion for giving excellent customer service to clients and their pets look no further.

I am currently working at pet supplies store Claws n' Paws where I have worked for the past 2 years. Vet nursing experience includes volunteering at the Animal Aid vet clinic in Coldstream for 1 year, volunteering in the RSPCA vet clinic. I also worked as a Senior animal attendant at Wellington Park Pet care and Training for 12 years.

I have completed Certificate 3 in Animal Technology, Veterinary Reception and Introduction to Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill TAFE.

I am looking for work placement 1 day per week as a trainee vet nurse so I can complete the Certificate in Veterinary Nursing through Open Colleges.

I can be contacted by phone on 0434 594 605 or via email

Michaelor-Jayne, Brisbane, QLD (posted 16th March) Trainee Vet Nurse

My name is Michaelor-Jayne and I am currently in the process of completing my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. I have previously had 8 months experience in another clinic but due to moving, I am seeking another workplace to gain experience from. Currently in my last year, I am looking for someone who may want to keep me on permanently after the end of my experience or be able to recommend me to another practice.

I can start at anytime, work any day and for however long. Should any addition information be required, my email is and my mobile number is 0431 239 206.

Wing, Sydney, NSW (posted 15th March) Trainee Vet Nurse

Hi. I am Wing. I have completed Cert II in Animal Studies and now seeking an opportunity to undertake a position with a veterinary clinic as a veterinary nurse trainee to continue my further studies in Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV (as a compulsory requirement for the course). I am mainly looking for work experiences.

In terms of experience, I have done around three months of work placement at the RSPCA facility while undertaking the cert ii course. I am eager and very passionate in working with animals. I sincerely believe I can become an asset to your clinic. 

I am able to start at anytime and able to work monday to saturday. Should you require any additional information please feel free to contact me to see my resume
0432 349 682

Leonie, Emerald & Surrounds, VIC (posted 14th March) Qualified & Experienced Vet Nurse

Hello my name is Leonie and live in Emerald Victoria.  I am looking for work in the animal industry.

I am a veterinary nurse with more than 15 years of experience.  I hold a Certificate IV in veterinary nursing.  

I am experienced in the following areas:-

I am extremely hardworking, caring, enthusiastic, organised, able to follow direction or work independently, be punctual and have a “can do” attitude. 

I am available for locum work on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until a permanent position becomes available.

Contact details: 
Mobile: 0417 038 586 

Rachael Bennett, Sydney's Upper North Shore, NSW (posted 10th March) Trainee Vet Nurse

My name is Rachael, and I am eager to find a local veterinary clinic/hospital who is willing to assist me in completing my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing by allowing me to complete my Work Placement hours.

I have previously completed a Bachelor Degree in Natural Science (Animal Science) with a major in Zoology, and a sub-major in Conservation Biology. Throughout this degree I have gained experience and knowledge in the field of animal studies and work, and would love to further that knowledge and experience. I have also been accepted into a Masters Degree of Animal Science, specialising in Animal Reproduction, at the University of Sydney, commencing in July 2016.

I have had previous experience in sales and customer service, which will greatly assist me in my search for a placement clinic.

I am available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I am more than happy to provide a copy of my resume, certification and references.

Please feel free to email me on

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dannielle, Northern NSW & Southern QLD (posted 9th March) Experienced & Qualified Nurse

Experienced and qualified Certificate IV Veterinary nurse, seeking work in the Northern NSW and South QLD areas. I am willing to relocate for the right job. 

Relevant experience:

I welcome the opportunity to share the expertise that I have acquired in my years as a veterinary nurse and animal care worker.
0450 406 255

Victoria, Melbourne, VIC (posted 8th March) Trainee Vet Nurse

My name is Victoria and I am eager to find a team in a veterinary clinic who can teach me all they know and ultimately help me obtain my certificate IV in veterinary nursing.

I have completed the certificate II in animal studies and the veterinary nurse reception skills set course and am currently finishing off my certificate IV in companion animal services. Through these courses I have gained experience from various work placement positions in veterinary clinics and a zoo. I also have eight years of customer service experience working in a variety of retail roles and pet nannying.

In my free time I run a busy and successful rehoming organisation which focuses on pocket pets and involves managing a big team of foster carers. Through this I have gained experience treating various health issues, administering medications, observing surgeries and providing assistance to pet owners.

I am more than happy to work Friday nights and weekends!

Please email me at for a copy of my resume. You can also reach me via phone on 0457 024 379.

Nicole Clarkson, Melbourne E & SE, VIC (posted 8th March) Entry Level Vet Nurse/Receptionist

Nicole Clarkson, Melbourne East and South East entry level Vet Nurse/Receptionist

Hello! If you are looking for a vet nurse to join your team who is passionate, with a can-do attitude, then I am the one for you!

My name is Nicole and I am nearing the completion of a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Since commencing training in 2014, I have developed numerous skills including, but not limited to:

Not only do I have experience working with both domestic and farm animals, I also have over three years’ experience in customer service, primarily as a receptionist in both the hospitality and animal care industry, so I am very conscious of the importance of building client relationships, staying calm and composed.  

As I am nearing the completion of my training, I am extremely keen to acquire a regular casual or part-time Veterinary Nursing/Receptionist position.  I would also consider an initial training work placement with future employment prospects. Developing my career is a priority and I would be up for any challenge presented to me.

With a current driver’s licence as well as my own car, I am willing to travel. 

If you think I would fit into your friendly workplace, please contact me on 0420 406 125 or contact me on if you would like a copy of my resume. 

Jessica Stammers, Ballarat / Skipton / Camperdown, Victoria (posted 3rd March) Animal Attendant / Vet Nurse

Hello my name is Jessica, I am a 23 year old agriculture graduate from Ballarat Victoria seeking an animal attendant position with future possibilities of a vet nursing job. I have a large amount of experience with large and companion animals including working dog training and breeding and sheep and cattle farming. I am very strong, fit, capable and a very hard worker.

If you would like more information about me please contact me on 0427 528138 or at

Heidi Pryce, Brisbane (posted 1st March) UK qualified VN

My name is Heidi, I'm a qualified nurse from England.
I have a Level 3 National Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, obtained via City & Guilds / RCVS in UK.
I have two and a half years practical experience, ranging from working in a two tier practice working with a variety of diagnostic equipment to working in more rudimental  environments in developing countries. I have a love for exotic species and also have experience with these.
I'm confident in medical nursing, surgical nursing and reception work. I enjoy fast paced work especially with an enthusiastic team.

I'm looking for full time work, preferably in Brisbane, however I am willing to move for the right practice. My availability starts from March 7th.

To contact me please email
Landline number and full CV available at request.

Adele Thorpe, Perth Northern Suburbs, WA (posted 1st March) Trainee Vet Nurse

My name is Adele Thorpe and I am seeking a position in Perth's northern suburbs

I have qualifications in Cert III Companion Animal Services and Cert II Animal Care. My hands-on experience includes feeding, cleaning and administering  basic medication with domestic small animal, through pet sitting, dog training and dog walking. 

I am commencing studies in Cert IV Vet Nursing and am hoping to gain my qualifications and experience ​to ​do this through a traineeship. Other option would be part-time work and study if this suits better.  ​I would also be interested in part-time work in boarding facilities.  ​

Previous employment in a range of administration & sales environments has provided me with high quality communication skills & multi-tasking abilities which I believe would be highly beneficial in a busy veterinary practice..

I am passionate about animal welfare and believe in supporting their owners to provide a happy & healthy life for their pets. I thrive in team environments and enjoy working in a support role.  I can offer dedication, compassion, am approachable and a hard-working team member.

Please contact me if you would like my resume and supporting documents, at or 0414 980 433.

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