Vets Seeking Work

This is a selection of the vets listed with us who are currently seeking work in the UK.
If you would like us to pass your job and clinic contact details on to any of them, please list your job with us (listing fee applies) and quote the reference number of the vet*. We will promote your job to all suitable vets on our register in addition to contacting the individual vet, and also list your job details on our website.

Reference Year Qualified Qualification Job Type Comments
19*06 2009 Romanian Small Animal EU Passport. Available April on Wednesdays & weekends in Worcestershire. Small animal consulting & surgery. Prefer no sole charge.
19*05 2009 Canada Small Animal Shelter medicine, companion animal & small mammal exotics.
19*04 2017 NZ Small Animal / Equine / Mixed Prefers small animal/equine. Will consider mixed (limited cattle experience). Available from March 2020 in England on Youth Mobility Scheme.
19*03 2016 Brazil Small Animal Small animal/ECC experience, including Internships/Specializaton. Anywhere in the UK, available immediately.
19*02 2014 Australia Mixed / Large Animal Prefer cattle/mixed practice work. Avalaible from April 2019. Happy to work anywhere in UK, for 1-2 month locums. British passport holder.
19*01 2008 Italy Small Animal Strong background in neurology & advanced imaging (MRI & CT). Completing residency in May, available from June 2019. EU Passport
18*32 2018 USA Small Animal Seeking a Surgical Residency from July 2019 anywhere in the UK or Ireland
18*31 2013 NZ Small Animal Small Animal Locum, Temporary or Permanent positions, prefer London based. Available on UK Youth Visa from April /2019.
18*30 2013 UK Small Animal Small animal locums at single site practices. No OOH/weekends & minimal sole charge. Locations must be commutable by public transport from Epping Forest District, Essex, or within 2 hours of London by public transport with accommodation.
18*29 2018 Australia Mixed / Equine Youth Mobility Scheme. Seeking Mixed practice or equine work in Scotland, Wales or rural England.
18*28 2014 Australia Mixed / Large Animal British passport holder seeking locum work in UK & Ireland durig 2019. Prefer mixed or large animal.
18*27 2015 Spain Equine EU citizen/passport holder. Seeking Equine work
18*26 2014 Australia Equine Available to end of June 2019. Locums or short term permanent.
18*25 1997 UK Mixed Locum. 3-4 days per week. Available from 7-29 May 2019. Ideally Yorkshire or Devon but will consider other areas. Independent clinics only.
18*24 2018 Australia Mixed New Graduate seeking work in the UK. Full time mixed with a decent percentage of both large & small animals.Prefer dairy/hobby farms to a big beef workload
18*23 2015 Australia Small Animal Youth Mobility Scheme
18*22 1999 Spain Large Animal TB tester or livestock blood sampling. EU citizen/passport holder
18*21 2009 Australia Large Animal Requires sponsorship to work in the UK. Looking for work in Manchester, Liverpool or London. Available 2019.
18*20 2011 Australia Small Animal Small animal with special interest in feline.
18*19 2015 Australia Mixed / Large Animal Locum or permanant full-time, available in 2019. Mixed practice work, preferably large proportion of beef cattle. On Youth Mobility Scheme
18*18 2017 Romania Equine Equine internships or surgical roles. Prefer near larger towns as husband needs work as a chef. RCVS Member & has the right to work in the UK
18*17 2008 Germany Equine Specialised equine vet, interested in orthopaedics, imaging & medicine. Prefer hospital to field work.
18*16 2016 Australia Small Animal / Mixed Available for small animal or mixed work in any part of the UK, then London or close to from 2020. Youth Mobilty Scheme. No equine.
18*14 2016 Australia Small Animal / Mixed Small animal or mixed. Looking for somewhere that will offer unpaid leave for travels, anywhere in the UK.
18*13 2013 Serbia Small Animal / Mixed Mainly small animal but some cattle/pigs. Looking for farm or clinic work. Anywhere in the UK. Available with notice to current employer.
18*12 1999 Germany Mixed/ Large Animal Large/farm animal or mixed practice (incl equine) in any part of UK. Available for up to 4 week blocks. Comfortable with sole charge out of hours.
18*11 1974 UK Equine Equine locum
18*10 2018 Netherlands Small Animal / Mixed Seeking small animal or mixed work in Inverness region, Scotland.


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