Vets Seeking Work

This is a selection of the vets listed with us who are currently seeking work in the UK.
If you would like us to pass your job and clinic contact details on to any of them, please list your job with us (listing fee applies) and quote the reference number of the vet*. We will promote your job to all suitable vets on our register in addition to contacting the individual vet, and also list your job details on our website.

Reference Year Qualified Qualification Job Type Comments
21*01 2021 Australia Mixed / Small Animal / Large Animal Seeking full time & long term work in the UK from 2021 in any field of veterinary medicine. British passport holder.
20*20 1974 Australia Equine / Mixed Available anywhere in the UK. Equine locums preferred but will consider mixed with significant equine. Up to 6 month contracts.
20*19 2015 Australia Mixed / Farm / Small Animal Mixed / Farm / Small animal locums in any area of the UK. Available from Jan to 5th Feb 2021
20*18 1999 Germany Mixed / Farm Available from February 2021 for locum work. Mixed with SA consultations only, or Farm & Equine. No less than 1:4 OOH/weekends. Available any part of the UK. Available for up to 4 week blocks (flexible).
20*17 2011 Italy Small Animal Seeking permanent small animal position
20*16 2018 Australia Small Animal / Mixed Studying 3 days per month in Paris. Available for France and/or UK. .
20*14 2020 Australia Small Animal

Seeking permanent small animal position in London starting January 2021. EU citizen/passport holder

20*12 2017 Greece  

Locum (days or nights), flexible with dates, North West areas, Greater Manchester.

20*11 2014 Glasgow Small Animal

Small animal vet. Locum work. Priority given to vacancies in Scotland but will locum elsewhere in UK. Permanent roles in Scotland considered. EU citizen/passport holder

20*10 2018 Australia Small Animal

Small animal first opinion work anywhere in the UK, although currently based in Lincolnshire. Ideally a permanent position, but given the current COVID 19 situation, will consider part time & locum work. Youth Mobility Scheme

20*09 2009 Spain Equine / Wildlife

Anywhere in the UK or Spain. EU citizen/passport holder.


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