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Lucy Varga, UK-Wide (posted 19th October) Experienced & Qualified Vet Nurse

Hi there, my name is Lucy Varga and I have been working as a veterinary nurse for over seven years. I qualified with a Certificate IV in Sydney, and have worked in London UK and Byron Bay on the north coast of NSW. I am an Australian and a British citizen. 

I have also taken part in volunteering projects at The Blue Cross Animal Shelter in the UK, providing nursing skills to rescued elephants at Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, looking after horses in Spain, and working at a canine sterilisation clinic in Leh, northern India. I hope to take part in some more volunteering over the next couple of years if the right opportunity were to come up.  

I'd be happy to work in a more part time or locum position. And I am keen to nurse anywhere around the world! 

When working in clinics, I have an interest in surgical nursing and anaesthetics, and have skills in IV catheter placement, taking blood samples and running in-house bloods. 

My other learnt skills include:

Please send me an email if you would like to take a look at my resume and to contact my references:

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you :) 

Ratnayake, UK-Wide (posted 20th August) Experienced Sri Lankan Qualified Vet Seeking Vet Nurse Position

I am an experienced veterinary surgeon from Sri Lanka. I have 12 years of valuable and successful experience as a veterinary surgeon in Sri Lanka.

I hold  Sri Lankan BVSc degree and MSc in animal science. I am also ready to work as a veterinary nurse in anywhere in UK if there is a potential employer who is willing to sponsor me.     

For a copy of my CV and for any questions please email: rmkkratnayake@gmail.com


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