#01-11 Woodlands Mart, Woodlands Ave 6
Block 768, Singapore 730768

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Woodlands is a town buzzing with activity, with the Woodlands Civic Centre as a one-stop service centre to serve the administrative needs of residents living in the north. The place also houses the Woodlands Regional Library, one of the largest neighbourhood libraries in Singapore.

Other developments include Causeway Point Shopping Centre, Republic Polytechnic, Innova Junior College, and the Singapore Sports School.

Woodlands is a residential town at the Northern part of Singapore and is connected to Johor Bahru, Malaysia's Southernmost city by Woodlands Checkpoint. Aside from the causeway, Woodlands has other claims to fame -- Woodlands Waterfront Park Jetty (Singapore's northern most point), Beaulieu House (the very instagrammable monochrome 1910 house) and the Community Nexus (a planned one-stop hub of facilities for residents across age groups).

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