226 Spring St
Reservoir VIC 3073

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Reservoir is a large residential suburb 12 km north of central Melbourne and 2 km north of Preston. Its named derives from three reservoirs built in 1864, 1909 and 1913, north of Preston to hold the metropolitan water supply from the Yan Yean reservoir. The reservoirs helped to settle sediment carried from Yan Yean and to reduce pressure on water mains which were prone to bursting.

It’s an enormous suburb – one of Melbourne’s biggest, in terms of geographical area as well as population – so Reservoir can really be what you want it to be. There are four train stations (four!) so it’s a matter of finding your enclave.

The region contains popular recreation areas and facilities, including Edwardes Lake and the Reservoir Leisure Centre, and is home to the Edwardes Street and Broadway shopping strips.

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