1/327 Mandurah Terrace
Mandurah WA 6210

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Mandurah is a city on the southwest coast of Western Australia and is about an hour’s drive south of Perth. Mandurah is a haven for beautiful coastline, wetlands and woodlands and the Peel-Harvey Estuary is around about twice the size of Sydney Harbour! The estuary is abundant with wildlife and migratory waterbirds. Keep an eye on the waters as well and you may just spot some friendly dolphins and whales cruising past at the right time of year, especially at Halls Head Beach which is home to a large dolphin population.

The Mandurah Community Museum features exhibits on the Peel region’s history and to the south, Yalgorup National Park is home to thrombolites, rare, rock-like microorganism formations at Lake Clifton.

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