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Broken Hill NSW 2880

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Broken Hill is a frontier mining town in the far west of New South Wales, in the Australian outback near the border of South Australia. Its mining history is explored through geology exhibits at the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum. In nearby Silverton, the disused 19th-century Daydream Mine is open to the public. North of Broken Hill, Living Desert State Park features the Sculpture Symposium, a group of monumental sandstone sculptures.

The city of Broken Hill has developed as a vibrant Mecca for artists and filmmakers, a long way from its roots as the site of the richest deposit of silver, lead and zinc the world has ever seen. Today Broken Hill is still a working town, mining is still a major economic driver and in conjunction with the environment, agriculture, art and tourism - the city is buzzing!

Broken Hill is an oasis of green parks and gardens thriving in the harsh desert landscape. For more information visit