Spring Garden Road (corner Waigani Drive & Kunai Street)
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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Port Moresby is the sprawling capital of Papua New Guinea, a country north of Australia.

The first thing anyone moving to Port Moresby should know is that it’s an extraordinary place to live. Expatriate life in the city naturally comes with an array of not inconsiderable challenges, but it is also culturally fascinating, an open forum of opportunity and often exceptionally beautiful.

The PNG National Museum and Art Gallery houses a vast anthropological collection, including masks and carved wooden poles. Nearby, Parliament House is modeled on a traditional house of worship. Its entrance is dominated by a large, colorful mosaic featuring national motifs.

The hilly nature of the city allows for breath-taking views across the harbour, the ocean and its many islands, the sunsets are unbeatable and the air is unpolluted. A drive through the city may one minute present a network of settlements and inauspicious office blocks, before revealing around the next corner a dazzling slice of ocean and undulating coastline.

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