291 Williamstown Road
Yarraville VIC 3013

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Yarraville - six kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD, but with a welcoming village vibe. There’s unique architecture, beautiful parks, a riverside setting - it’s just off the Westgate Bridge. It's perfect for families, pets and children.

Melbourne is well-designed and located amidst parklands along the banks of the Yarra River, just a few kilometres from Port Phillip Bay. With the sea to the south and mountains to the north, the city offers something for everyone. It has extensive parks and gardens, spacious suburbs, affordable housing, good education, accessible public transport and a modern road system. With a low crime rate, it provides a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work.

For more information see http://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Melbourne/Twist  ,  https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/discover and https://yarraville.org/