11 Waite Street
Proserpine QLD 4800

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Proserpine is a town and a locality in the Whitsunday Region of Queensland, just 15 minutes inland from Airlie Beach and is known as a great tourist spot and a party town.

Proserpine, the Heart of Country Hospitality was named by the explorer George Dalrymple, after Proserpina the goddess of grain and harvest, recognising the fertile qualities in the region. Since the late 1800s, cattle grazing, and sugar cane have been the economic mainstays here. The eerie glow of cane field fires make a spectacular sight at night from late June onwards.
Although it has many modern facilities (including a hospital, schools, library and sporting facilities), the town's Main Street is a reminder of how life used to be – particularly the 'art deco' period evident in the shop architecture which has been well preserved. Old-fashioned courtesies still survive in Proserpine, particularly at many of the charming retail outlets and country-style hotels.

For the adverturous, Lake Proserpine (aka Peter Faust Dam) is located just 30 minutes from town and is an ideal spot for camping, water sports and freshwater fishing. In fact, Lake Proserpine is renowned for having more barramundi over a metre in length than any other impoundment in Australia! Also, don’t forget to bring your crab pots, there is plenty of Redclaw crayfish to be caught.

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