50 Sturt Street
Mt Gambier SA 5290

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Mount Gambier lies half way between Adelaide and Melbourne and strikes the ideal balance between the vibrant lifestyle of a big city and comforts of a small town, between cultural progress and tradition and between modern conveniences and the preservation of natural beauty. It is a popular tourist destination amongst holidaymakers driving between Melbourne in VIC and Adelaide in SA, nestled on a picturesque volcanic landscape surrounded by vast pine tree plantations.

Mount Gambier city is located on the slopes of Mount Gambier (an extinct volcano) and is inundated with volcanic craters above sea level and the limestone caves beneath. Today, Mount Gambier is the centre of the largest pine plantation and is surrounded by farming, dairy country and viticulture. The area has a large number of national parks collectively known as Mount Gambier National Parks. These national parks are famous for their large variety of flora and fauna. Also, the majority of these National Parks have naturally formed caves and sink holes and are a major hub of research on fossils.

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