427 Miller St
Cammeray NSW 2062

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Cammeray is an affluent, hilly, mostly residential suburb in North Sydney. Its leafy streets are lined with single-family Federation-style homes and cottages, with houses closer to the water being much larger. There are also some lowrise apartment buildings nearer the commercial part of town.

Sydney has a sunny, moderate climate which contributes to Sydneysiders' relaxed lifestyle and love of the great outdoors. There are five major national parks around Sydney with 8,000 square kilometres of open space. 
This multicultural city's restaurant and cafe scene is enhanced by outstanding local fresh produce and world-class wines. Sydney has a dynamic arts and cultural scene. It is home to some of Australia's leading arts organisations such as Opera Australia, Sydney Symphony, Sydney Dance Company and Sydney Theatre Company and has produced many talented writers, film directors and performers. Employment prospects are plentiful, education is world class and healthcare readily available.

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