66 Powells Ave
East Bendigo VIC 3551

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Bendigo is a large regional centre (population 100,000) located in central Victoria situated only 2 hrs by freeway north of Melbourne and offering the best country life can provide. Cosmopolitan restaurants and cafes, a vibrant cultural centre, excellent health care facilities and schools, a great place for family living.

Bendigo provides services to a large agricultural and grazing area on the Murray plains to its north. It is the state's second largest inland city. Impressive Victorian buildings line the wide streets of Bendigo, as a reminder of the rich history built from one of the world's most exciting gold rushes. Today there are new treasures to be discovered in this thriving city. Bendigo is a place where art, culture, food, wine and heritage attractions are in the abundance, as was the gold of the late 1850's.

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