9-11 Ridge Street,
Bega NSW 2550

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Bega is the urban centre of the Sapphire Coast, Southern NSW and is surrounded by lush dairying country. In a rural heartland, the region is dotted with lagoons that are rich in bird life. You can visit the splendid national parks nearby, and the sparkling Sapphire Coast’s gorgeous beaches are only a short drive away.

Situated at the junction of the Bega and Brogo rivers, Bega is a tranquil base for exploring the region’s stunning natural attractions. Bushwalking, horseriding, fishing and golf are pastimes that are enjoyed throughout the year. In winter of course, Bega's proximity to the Snowy Mountains enables weekend ski trips. In Spring, there are times when the warm spring sunshine on the coast is enough to tempt a surfer.

Dairying began in the verdant Bega Valley in the 1850s and the original Bega Cheese factory opened in 1900. You can visit the site of the original factory in Lagoon Street, where cheeses are still made today.

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