Cnr East &, 50 Arline Street
Townview QLD 4825

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Just a two hour flight from Brisbane, Mount Isa is the beating heart of Queensland’s vast North West Minerals Province; an inland oasis set against the beauty of Australia’s outback. From humble beginnings as a network of miners’ camps in 1924, we have seen Mount Isa transform into a lively city of 22,000 residents, blending the charm and laid-back feel of the country with the convenience of city life.

Mount Isa brings out the adventurous spirit in everyone, with ample places to explore and discover, fish, camp, 4WD or unwind as the sun sinks below the horizon across a red outback plain. Mount Isa is no longer a man’s town; the gender split is 50:50, with burgeoning fashion, beauty and retail industries and a flourishing cafe society reflecting Mount Isa’s significant and influential feminine presence. Mount Isa provides ample opportunity for new residents to kick-start their careers across a range of industries while enjoying a cosmopolitan lifestyle. It’s much more than just a mining town. With a strong sense of history, a friendly community and career and lifestyle opportunities in abundance, this diverse and surprising outback city is a great place to live, work and play.

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